Ready for Red?

When beginning with this service our stylist was faced with regrowth, faded color in the mid -shaft, and compromised ends.  Our client had the desire to maintain the ombre and to refresh the faded red color as well as her roots.  She loves vibrant red, but still wanted it to seem somewhat natural.  Our solution was to use Colorance by Goldwell.

Our results were amazing. Now that the color was fixed we had to give her hair shape. She had long wavy hair reaching over half of her back. The hair was thick and weighed down, with dead ends. 3 inches was taken off her ends and lots of layers were placed to create movement and lift for her cut. I finished her style with a face frame to connect her grown out fringe with her cut.

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Fall Hair with Goldwell StyleSign Finishing Sprays

Fall Hair with Goldwell StyleSign Finishing Sprays  by Alicia Kiwacz

Are you in need of that perfect hairspray?  Goldwell StyleSign styling products have cutting-edge formulas like the new FlexShine Protect technology for radiant styles. With different hold strengths for each styling need, these products provide a stunning shine to the finish. The addition of color safeguard, UV Filter, and heat protection up to 392 degrees Farenheit make these the perfect styling aids to protect your hair’s color and integrity all with your specific needs in mind.  Here’s a few ways you can use these sprays to achieve the hottest fall looks!


Magic Finish Shine Spray

This spray gives you enhanced radiance, and strong yet flexible hold. It’s easy to brush out and leaves hair residue free while providing color protection.



Big Finish Volume Hairspray

This spray provides strong hold and all-day volume. It protects against humidity and is perfect for a night out!



Spray Hair Lacquer

This spray is best used for styling and locking hair into place. One spray instantly provides strong hold. It also provides color protection and washes out easily.



Unlimitor Spray Wax

Used for unlimited finishing. It combines the control of a wax and the simplicity of a spray. Extra dry formula and provides color protection. Excellent for textured bobs!



Naturally Full Bodifying+Finishing Spray

Used for blowdrying and finishing.  It gives you non-sticky, lively and naturally full hair that lasts all day. Instant thick, full look and feel with just one product! Used best on fine hair.

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Blow dryers, flat irons and curling irons… Oh My!

Blow dryers, flat irons and curling irons…  Oh My!

by Jenna Pace

Heat Protection and its Importance:

Blow dryers, flat irons and curling irons…  Oh My!  While these are great tools for styling your locks, they can also cause a lot of damage if not used properly.  Did you know that most of these tools can heat up to 400º?  You can cook a steak at 400º!  Why would anyone put that high of a temperature on their beautiful hair without protecting it first?  That is something to think about!

Heat damage is one of the main causes of dry, damaged and distressed hair.  Your hair is something you wear every day.  It deserves to always look the best that it can.  Heat actually creates holes in your hair.  Yes, holes!  They may not be visible to the human eye, but they are there and they are causing frizz and split ends.  That my friends, you can see!

The Top Tools:

Along with most things in life, the more expensive, the better.  This also goes for hair tools.  If it is not in your budget to splurge for the pricier option, be sure to grab tools that have heat settings.  Usually the cheaper irons just have an on/off switch.  This prevents you from knowing what temperature you are using on your strands.  Yikes!  Everyone has different hair, which requires different needs.  For example, thicker hair can usually stand a slightly higher temperature than thin and brittle hair.  Also, is your hair chemically treated?  Color, highlights or any type of keratin treatments can make your hair very sensitive, even if you have coarse hair.  This is why setting controls are so important to have.  When blow drying, it’s best to use a concentrator (attachment for blow dryer).  This will help direct the heat to where you want it and give you more control while styling.

When working with any tools you want to work quickly.  Irons should not be left on your hair for more than 3-4 seconds per section.  You can cause significant damage if left on longer.   At the end of the day, know your hair!  Know what it can stand.  Don’t ever hesitate to ask your stylist for advice on how to use the tools you have purchased.  We are happy to help!

The Perfect Products:

Most products that are heat protectant have silicone in them, which works as a protective coating for your hair.  These products come in all types to fit your personal needs, such as sprays, serums and creams.  (Check out Hot Flex from the KMS Free Shape line).  When using your product, be sure to evenly distribute it throughout your damp hair.  Sprays should be held back about a foot from your head.  A little goes a long way with most products, so use it sparingly to avoid any product build up.  Any products that have oils and moisturizers are designed to repair heat damaged hair and will help protect from future damages as well.  Be sure to protect your hair before every hot tool styling!  As always, products sold by professionals are always your best choice.

Read This Too Late?:

Already have heat damaged hair?  Don’t stress!  See your stylist for some options.  He or she might suggest a good hair cut or a revitalizing conditioning treatment.  If you have extreme damage these options may not help immediately, however they will protect you from here on out!  Be patient and take all the advice your stylist gives you.  With the correct tools, products and knowledge you will have sleek and shiny hair in no time!

Happy Styling!

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Imperfect Bob Hairstyle

We all have a unique personality and style, and even though we try to express ourselves through our hair, sometimes it doesn’t quite get the message. This is where you need to have a great consultation with your stylist. Do hold back, really inform them so they can have a game plan for how you are going to get to that desired look. After knowing what it is, and you and your stylist know the look they need to achieve, right then and there you should know what products you are going to need to create it and recreate it at home.
This particular guest wanted a fun, textured bob with some body. Her hair was finer and had a curl pattern to it; this means her hair is also the most delicate of textures.

My Take on the Imperfect Bob:

1.)   Shampoo and detangle with TameFrizz to smooth the surface of the hair.

2.)   Apply TameFrizz Smoothing Lotion for instant combability, heat protection, and humidity resistance.

3.)   Mist AddVolume Body Building Detangler to enhance the fullness of the hair by 40%.

4.)   Spray FreeShape Quick Blow-Dry Spray to help reduce drying time; followed with a Denman brush to stretch the hair enough to reduce the curl but not give it a bend.

5.)   Once dried, emulsify HairPlay Messing Crème in your hands so you cannot see it, and work it into the hair for a “lived-in” look; with its workable grip, this style can transform throughout the day!

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The How-to on Tim’s “Mint-To-Be” look!

The How-to on Tim’s “Mint-To-Be” look!

The first step taken for this look was to lighten Tim’s guest’s hair.  He allowed his hair to lighten as much as possible, without damaging the porosity or integrity of the guest’s hair. The second step to this process is to tone the hair and the final step for this look was with Elumen.

To style the look, Tim used HairPlay messing crème, TameFrizz de-frizz oil, and FreeShape quick blow-dry spray with a blow dryer. For the last stage of styling, Tim used HairPlay dry wax, and HairStay dry extreme spray.

Call for your appoint today with Tim!

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Weddings at Aurelio Salon NJ

Is your special day approaching? Let Aurelio Salon help you make that special day even better! Let our wedding coordinators help you with your hair and makeup needs.  Aurelio Salon’s Bridal team in Howell and Toms River  specialize in bridal hairstyles, updos, makeup, and event hairstyles. Let us help make your wedding day Special   We can even travel to you, make special arrangements to open the salon early, or block it out just for you!

Our client Theresa on her special day!


Click here to see the starting prices and more info!

(Special appointments may be arranged through the management only. An additional charge may apply.)

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Knowledge is the Key!

Knowledge is the Key! By Arielle Calamari

At Aurelio Salon we believe that education is the key to constatnly growing and inproving our skills.  Some of our staff along with myself were getting our E D U on with the knowledgeable Samantha from KMS California. KMS opens the door to an education experience that lets you be you; today was all about simple Style Equations that our guests could implement at home to recreate their desired looks.

Samantha is all about being hands-on so we experience the product and can make a relationship with it. It’s vital to not only know the technology behind a product, but to also know the feel and the results. Not one head of hair is necessarily the same as another, and to achieve even the same look, you are going to have to alter their Equation.

With that being said, we are in a world that is ever changing via inspiration from social media, magazines, celebrity influences, etc. Who wants to wear their hair the same way everyday? We all have our own styles, and our hair is our statement. Substituting one product out for another can make all the difference. Embrace your diversity; showcase your individuality, and most of all, as artists we have to invest in our careers. Don’t skimp on yourself. #kmsobsessed #lovewhatyoudo #inspiration #education”

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Jenna Dorsey Style Equation for Lindsay!

My guest Lindsay came in to get her hair done for an upcoming event that she felt called for glamour and a dash of volume; to achieve her desired style we decided that a hot set with a Large Thermal Round brush and pin curls would do the trick.

The White Party she was attending looked to be an all-night affair so we began her KMS style equation with an Aurelio Salon Shampoo Experience utilizing the hold and heat protection from the FreeShape line. To supplement shine and soften her cuticle the SilkSheen conditioner allowed for us to prep her for a polished finish. After escorting her back to the chair Lindsay and I revisited our consultation prior, after towel-drying we used AddVolume’s Volumizing Spray at her root to create the lift we were aiming for, we then continued with FreeShape Hot Flex Spray to protect from humidity as well as heat styling – plus allowing us to work the style without losing shape.

Quick Blow Dry Spray helped to work within her time frame so we could jump right into setting her curls using Big Finish from GOLDWELL’s Style Sign for the extra hold and to top off using KMS HairStay’s AntiHumidity Seal – for weightless finish and 24-hour humidity blocking. Our end result was impeccable, a bouncy wave for fun and refinement.

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Nordic feel to her new found blonde hair

Kristina’s client Kiersten conducted an at-home experiment in attempt to make her hair blue; she came to me some odd weeks after the blue washed out looking for a transformation.

Kiersten’s desired look was a bright, platinum blonde lying over a deep, rich brown.

Here is how we fixed her to give her the Nordic feel to her new found blonde. Kiersten and Kristina loved the results and so do we! great Job Kristina!

Kristina is a stylist in Aurelio Salon’s Howell location. Call for you appointment today!

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Jamie’s Wedding Photo’s

Congratulation to Jamie, a long time client of Aurelio Salon, and her husband on their wedding! We were honored to be part of you special day.

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