This week’s salon’s availability at a glance, June 30th

-Partial Highlight and Haircut with Element 2 Stylist 1:00 PM
-Conditioning Treatment & Blow Out with Element 1 Stylist 5:00 PM

-GK Smoothing Treatment with Element 2 Stylist 2:45 PM
-Hair Removal with Element 2 Stylist 3:30 PM
-Men’s Cut with Element 1 Stylist 6:30 PM

-Shampoo Experience with available upgrade with Element 1 Stylist 12:00 PM
-New Growth Touch-Up and Haircut with Element 3 Stylist 4:30 PM

-Haircut with Element 5 Stylist 9:00 AM
-Partial/ Full Highlight & Blow Out with Element 3 Stylist 11:00 AM
-Men’s Cut with Element 2 Stylist 12:30 PM
-Conditioning Treatment with Element 1 Stylist 1:15 PM

If you are interested in reserving an appointment at any of these times or for other appointments please call Aurelio Salon. Check-In on social media and receive an lesson on some fun summer styles for your hair

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This week’s salon’s availability at a glance, June 16th 2014

Aurelio Salon Availability in NJ – Week of June 16 2014

This week’s availability at a glance, June 16th 2014:
-Partial/Full Highlights and Cut or Blow out with Element 4 Stylist 6/17/14 1:00 PM
-Conditioning Treatment with Element 2 Stylist 6/17/14 2:15 PM
-Hair Removal (Eyebrows/ Lip/ Chin) with Element 2 Stylist 3:00 PM
-Mens Cut with Element 2 Stylist 6/17/14 1:30/ 3:00/ 5:15 PM
-Blow Out with Element 1 Stylist 6/17/14 10:00 AM
-New Growth Touch-up and Haircut with Element 3 Stylist 6/18/14 12:00 PM
-Blow Out with Element 4 Stylist 6/18/14 2:30 PM
-Partial/Full Highlights or Conditioning Treatment and Blowout with Element 2 stylist 6/18/14 10:00 AM
-Mens Cut with Element 2 Stylist 6/18/14 3:30/ 4:15 PM
-Partial/Full Highlights and Haircut with Element 4 Stylist 6/19/14 10:00 AM/ 1:00 PM
-Hair Removal (Eyebrows/ Lip/ Chin) with Element 1 Stylist 6/19/14 12:00 PM

If you are interested in reserving an appointment at any of these times or for other appointments please call Aurelio Salon.   There are a few spots available still for our Style Equation Event- at 6 PM, 7 PM and 8 PM on this Wednesday June 18th. Call ahead and save your spot before it’s too late!

Pamper yourself!! When you visit us during the month of June, Check-In on social media and receive an upgraded shampoo experience in our lather lounge !

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Congratulations to Emily! Her Hip-DO was Featured in 4 of the Salon Industries Sources.

Hip-Do Featured in 4 Salon Industries Sources – Aurelio Salon in New Jersey

Congratulations to Emily! Her Hip-DO was Featured in 4 of the Salon Industries Sources. Check out the links below to see the articles.

Not just for the conservative crowd, mode updos don braids and a palette of vibrant hues. Howell, New Jersey’s Emily Dantoni-a stylist at Aurelio Salon-fashions happening “hipdos” that appeal to trend-conscious clients. The bolder updo debuts just in time for wedding and prom season.

“Combining easy-to-do braids in a wispy whimsical fashion is a great way to approach updos for edgier clients looking for styles that are unique and hip, yet elegant enough for special occasions,” explains Dantoni. “When their color is bold, it makes even more of statement.”

Achieve this hip look:

    ● On dry hair, determine the face framing pieces by sectioning away the hair that falls before the ears.
● Run a dime-size portion of Goldwell STYLE SIGN Spun Shine Gloss Shine Cream from mids to ends to give fine hair shimmer and soft hold.
● Tease at the crown for height – use discretion to decide how much volume is ideal for the desired result. Smooth the remaining hair back and divide into 3 sections. Individually braid each section and secure each braid with a rubber band.
● Pull the braid on the left over to the right to hide the end and then secure the braid by tucking a bobby pin into the base of the right braid. Repeat for the right braid.
● To place the third and middle braid, gently pull apart the others using a bobby pin, and go undeeath the two along the nape of the neck and secure the ends by tucking. Spray with KMS Califoian HAIR STAY Dry Xtreme Hairspray.
● Let the front pieces down and loosely braid the section closest to the ear and pin above the other braids, pull the rest gently to release shorter layers and pin with braids.
● With a 1″ wand, curl the face frame and finish with KMS Califoian HAIR STAY Dry Xtreme Hairspray for hold and KMS Califoia STYLE SING Diamond Gloss for impressive brilliance.

Products used:

Check them out Here! 

Modern Salon is a soure for information on salon products, hair videos and cosmetology education.

Launchpad, for the latest info in the salon industry, salon professional turn to Launchpad.

The Colorist, a magazine for professional hair colorists, incl. haircolor products, haircolor step-by-steps, hair color trends, celebrity haircolor and more.

Written by beauty pros to meet and exceed your needs, Hot by Hair’s How provides: • Latest hair trends.

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Rachael creates an amazing blonde + blue hair color on Tim.

A New Look for Aurelio Salon Hair Stylist in New Jersey

Rachael, A stylist at Aurelio Salon in Howell and Toms River creates an amazing blonde + blue hair color on Tim.

Tim is a hairstylist working for Aurelio Salon asked Rachael, his coworker about giving him a new look. After the initial consultation Rachael determined that Tim is a natural level 4, medium brown, hair color. The goal is to take him from the level 4 to a platinum blonde on sides and roots fading Blue on top.

Rachael went in and gave Tim a fade haircut leaving the top long with a hard part. Then used Silk Lift Strong Lightener to lighten his hair. Once the Silk Lift did it’s work she applied Colorance, Goldwell’s demi-permanent hair color, he was shampooed using Goldwell Dualsenses Blondes & Highlights Anti-Brassiness Shampoo. Goldwell Dualsenses Blondes & Highlights Anti-Brassiness Shampoo is perfect for highlighted and blonde hair to reduce color fading and neutralize unwanted yellow and brassy tones. This unique formula prolongs color vibrancy while leaving hair shiny and healthy.

On the ends Racheal pre-treated with Prepare, Elumen Prepare is a pre-color treatment specifically designed to prepare heavily damaged highlifted and highlighted hair for Elumen Hair Color. Elumen was applied.  Elumen is Goldwell’s hair color and is the first oxidant-free hair color without ammonia, peroxide, and causes no damage.

Once Elumen was done processing Time was washed out and Rachael used Color Lock Serum. Color Lock Serum is a proven prolonged color retention up to 22* washes that Instantly locks in color, and Intensifies color brilliance.

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Prom Hair!

The Right Hair Style for Prom Night – Aurelio Salon and Spa in New Jersey

Prom Hair!  Prom is an important night for any young women and having the right hair style is a big part of the night. Our stylists create some amazing looking hair for Proms every year. Here at Aurelio Salon we’ve picked some of our favorite formal prom hairstyles that our stylists created.  Perfect hair for the perfect prom night, whether it is worn down or in an updo, here’s what we picked!


A Beautiful chignon on Amanda By JessLynn.






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New Upgraded Menu from Aurelio Salon and Spa in New Jersey

Aurelio Salon is please to announce our new upgrade menu.

Today’s health-conscious clientele have asked for a healthier hair color that will prevent that dry, over-processed feeling that can be a side-effect of using ammonia. They have asked for a product that is gentler on the hair, and with no unpleasant odor or irritation.   We have developed an upgrade menu that features these Ammonia-Free Color Services. So you have to ask yourself Are you worth an upgrade?

Nectaya™ Nurturing permanent color formula with naturally derived ingredients.

• Elumen® Innovative technology (magnetically attractive!) delivers high-performance shine for breathtaking permanent color results

• Colorance® Color Balancing A stress-free way to refresh and brighten your color.

• Colorance® Express Toning Get your Blonde back!

• New Blonde A highlight blending service in just 5 minutes.

• SilkLift® New technology delivers superior lightening with more gentle results.

• SilkLift® Additive Serum Take it up a notch – this intensive treatment results in noticeably more conditioned hair.

•Dualsenses® Locking Serum Locks in your color service for added durability; up to 22 additional washes!

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Daisy creates a beautiful Black Cherry color to Nicole’s hair.

Black Cherry Hair Coloring Pictures – Aurelio Salon and Spa in New Jersey

Daisy Rosania from Aurelio Salon in Howell NJ created a beautiful Black Cherry color on her client Nicole’s hair. When Nicole came into the salon she was very unhappy with her hair. Her hair, at her last service in another salon, was dyed black and damaged. If you like this color and look please call the salon and ask for Daisy!


So how did Daisy achieve the beautiful look to Nicole’s Hair? By thinking outside the box and blending 3 different formulas. In the new hair growth she applied Formula A.  On the Mid-lengths and ends she sprayed Goldwell Dualsenses Equalizer Spray into the hair and applied Formula B to that area and allowed it to process.  Once processed Nicole’s Hair was  washed with Goldwell Dualsenses Color Fadestop Shampoo and Conditioner.  Her hair was towel-dried and then Daisy applied Formula C, glazing all strands and processed.  Rinse, condition, and style.


To get the style that Nicole has, Daisy used a Large round brush when blow drying.  Her style equation, the products she used is a combination of 3 as well.

  • StyleSign Double Boost
  • StyleSign Glamour Whip
  • StyleSign Magic Finish

Goldwell Style Sign Double Boost is a root lift and ultimate volume boost.  It makes hair feel thicker and stronger. It can be used on all hair types and its easy to use, shake well, spray onto roots of towel dried hair its that easy.

Goldwell Style Sign Glamour Whip is perfect for all hair types. This creamy styling mousse is alcohol free and adds volume to your hair with a strong, flexible hold.  It also provides your hair with heat and color protection.  To use, work this styling mousse into your towel dried hair before styling.

Goldwell StyleSign Brilliance Magic Finish Hairspray offers the ultimate in shine and protection for your colored hair. This hairspray provides strong hold to keep your style in place all day and night, without leaving unsightly residue.  For a sleek, polished look that won’t budge. Its advanced formula adds unbeatable shine to colored hair improving it’s color depth and tone while brushing out easily leaving no signs of residue.  To use it spray onto dry hair to add shine and hold.

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To a bride, finding a flawless hairstyle for their fairytale day

Flawless Hairstyle For a Brides Fairy Tale Day – Aurelio Salon in New Jersey

To a bride, finding a flawless hairstyle for their fairy tale day can be a headache. Some tend to imagine that a dramatic change is necessary in order for them to achieve the perfect look. Tying the knot comes with planning that can take a significant amount of time, but with the right steps and preparation (maybe some Advil) your hair will be flawless.

  1. Create a relationship. To begin, you want to build a hair relationship with your stylist. Be sure to make regular appointments in order for them to get to know your hair. Over time they will learn your personal style/personality, hair type, and face shape – all of which will contribute to your wedding day hair.
  2. Always, always, always do a practice run. It is an additional cost, but it is money well spent. This allows you to see what your hair will look like the day of and if there is anything that needs to be adjusted. Bring in pictures of looks you do like, but also bring in pictures of styles you do not like. By doing so, this will help you and your stylist communicate. Take pictures of the finished product and wear the style for the day if possible to see how it holds up.
  3. Give yourself plenty of time!  Give yourself plenty of time! Give yourself plenty of time!
  4. Be Yourself. Make sure you feel like yourself on your wedding day. If you stray from what you’re comfortable with, trust me, most likely you will be uncomfortable in your own skin. If you are known for having short hair – keep it! Bridal hair doesn’t always have to mean long hair.
  5. SPEAK UP! If you are unhappy with the direction of the style or pins are pulling to tight where they have been placed, let your stylist know. They are there to help you and it is much easier to adjust the style while working – changing things around once finished is not so easy.
  6. Once you make a choice don’t change it, most of the time it does not work out.   Many times a bride will do a trial run and love it! On the day of the wedding they come in, they have a totally different look they want. The stylist creates the new look and the bride does not like it , now they are stressing because of time.  In the end it is the style they had during the trial that the bride ends up with.
  7. Think of the weather. Keep the time of year in mind. If it’s a hot time of year go with an updo. Very few people love the combination of humidity and hair.

Being beautified on your big day should be relaxing for you and keeping these tips in mind will help you know that you will love the results of your hair.

Jessica R, a senior stylist at Aurelio Salon in Howell, has been creating outstanding hairstyles for the last 6 years.   After a lot of hard work and many lovely brides, her work was featured in Contemporary Brides. With her experience of being behind the chair, she has learned a few key points to achieve great bridal hair.  If you are a Bride searching for a Hairstylist come in and ask for Jessica.


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Bride Magazine Features Jessica’s Bride

Bride Magazine Features Aurelio Salon Stylist Clients Hairstyle at Wedding

Congratulation to Jessica R, the hairstyle she created on Lindsey, and Lindsey’s wedding is featured in this Spring/Summer edition of Contemporary Bride. Jessica, a senior stylist at Aurelio Salon in Howell, has been creating outstanding hairstyles for the last 6 years.  She specializes in up-do’s for Brides and Proms. With several years of being behind the chair, she has learned a few key points to achieve great bridal hair(click here to read them).  Contemporary Bride Magazine is a local wedding resource full of ideas and inspiration for today’s brides planning a New York or a New Jersey wedding.

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Aurelio Salon makes Top 100 Salons According to BE magazine!

Aurelio Salon in NJ Makes Top 100 Salons According to BE Magazine

In Issue BE-42 Aurelio Salon of Howell ranked with in the 100 salons out of the 1000′s of salon out there.  BE Beauty Entertainment, The Salon People Magazine, offers its readers an insider’s look at beauty, entertainment and salon people. BE! publishes editorials on rising stars, top Beauty makers, personalities, events and pop culture happenings in the world of beauty entertainment. Inside every issue there are hot tips and trends from local and national beauty experts, featured stars and celebrities.  Look for the hottest salons in America with BE!’s HOT 100 Salons and Artists Rankings, which appear in every issue.


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