Baby It’s Cold Outside!!

This time of the year, skin dehydration really takes a toll. Most of us forget that summer is not the only season to hydrate and protect your skin. Whether you are facing indoor heat dryness, or cold air moisture deprivation your skin is begging for some hydration! This is usually why skin cracks and bleeds during this season (ouch!) Let’s try to keep our skin in the best condition this season and follow these oh-so-important tips.

We will first begin with your cleanliness routine! Typically, people like to take showers with hot water during the winter since it is the opposite of the terrible weather conditions being faced outside. Here is a fact you may not have known. Showering with hot water actually strips your body of its natural oils. While you may be getting the best shower of your life, you also will be stripping your body of self-made hydration. Ironic, right? Warm water or even cooler water will help maintain the moisture in your skin.

When you get out, use a lotion, serum, or oil that penetrates deeper than the surface. Most products may only hydrate the top layer of the skin, but really don’t do much for underlying layers. A majority of people think to use a heavier lotion to intensely moisturize the skin. This has some truth to it, however it is not the most effective way to penetrate the skin. Try using an oil before you butter up your body. Using a product containing hyaluronic acid, ceramides or even an oil will be your best pick. These solutions go beyond the surface to effectively hydrate skin.

For cracked lips, a mineral oil can be effective for maintaining moisture but will not create it. If you’re looking to preserve your moisture then this is a fine choice for you, but if you are creating the moisture due to a lack of it, you must look for the ingredients mentioned in the paragraph above (containing hyaluronic acid, ceramides or even an oil).

Now last but certainly important is your face! Using a cleanser with a chemical exfoliant and a gentle mechanical exfoliant (beads or a scrub of some sort). This will regenerate your skin by removing the dead skin cells from the surface. Once you’re done exfoliating, use a lightweight serum on your skin and use your moisturizer afterwards. The serum helps preserve the moisture in your facial moisturizer. If you are worried about your skin getting greasy and breaking out, only use the moisturizer during the day and wash your face with the exfoliant before you sleep. This will allow your skin to breathe while you sleep.

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Fighting Fine Hair!

A constant battle that frequently crosses a hairdresser’s chair is the guest with ultra- fine hair. If this is you, pay close attention! Here are a few tips you can follow to fight the battle against dull, flat strands.

1-      Do not overload on product.

Believe it or not, you’re doing your hair an injustice. Instead, support your locks wisely, and stick with a light weight root booster. Also choose thickening products which contain a plumping agent to expand hair from the core. Being selective and conservative will take your hair to new heights!

2-      Blow-Drying with a round brush.

Utilize tools created by hair genius’ such as Sam Villa. Ventilated ionic round brushes are your “go-to” brush. When drying hair, take the round brush at your root and lift hair away from the scalp. This will allow you to dry hair and create maximum volume where you need it most.

3-      Use hot rollers!

That’s right. We’re going old school! This will help set your hair in a manner that will promote voluminous hair. This will not only create volume by the root, but also give the rest of your hair fullness with over- sized curls. Basically you will look like a “foxy lady”.

4-      Using the correct shampoo and conditioner.

If you’re trying to create volume and light weight body, using a heavily conditioned shampoo will not be the best for you. Your goal is to make your hair as light as possible to promote lift and life! Choosing a shampoo such as AddVolume by KMS California will assist your hair with that goal. If your next concern is conditioner that can protect while still being weightless, try FreeShape conditioner- also from KMS California. This has active heat ingredients that activate when heat touches it (blow dryers, flat irons, curling irons, etc.)

5-      Getting the proper haircut.

Getting a regular trim when you have fine hair aids the illusion of full hair. When you have breakage and split ends, it creates a thinned out appearance. So set up some appointments at your local salon to ensure you don’t let your hair grow scraggly. Adding some layers will enhance movement in your hair styling as well. With a layered haircut it will be easy to use these tricks for a fuller appearance.

Go ahead fine-haired friends! Try these tips out and see which tricks work best for you.

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Ready for the Holidays?

Every year, December turns into a month of madness. Between Christmas shopping, your job, your family, Christmas wrapping, and Christmas parties, December leaves us little time to prep and prepare for some of the most memorable times with friends and family-which is extremely important since you KNOW there will be cameras! Here’s five quick tips to ensure that you’re looking presentable for those days that don’t leave you room to breathe!

1)      Prep your hair with FreeShape 2+1 hairstyling and finishing spray from KMS California. This gives hair a little hold as you throw up your hair into a quick style! (p.s. This style can also look good with straight, wavy, or super curly hair)

2)      Pull hair into a side pony.

3)      *Optional* Wrap pony up into a bun for sleek, sophisticated style. If you like it down, work it! It will still look elegant.

4)      Contour and lipstick! With your hair pulled back, a little bronzer to contour your cheek will enhance your feminine features! And what else is more feminine than red lipstick? It takes 5 seconds to apply, and looks like you set aside time to get ready.

5)      Last, but certainly not least, we have liner and mascara! This is important so your eyes don’t look bare. If you like minimal eye make-up, just wear mascara! You will still look great.

And here you go!  Holiday style in 5 easy steps. A game plan always helps when you’re in a jam, so here is your plan! If you try out this style let us see! Post on Facebook or Instagram and tag us in your photo (@aureliosalon) ! Also, hashtag #aureliosalon. Can’t wait to see your looks!

Listed below is the makeup products I used as well:

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“Winspiration”  by Alicia Kiwacz

Here’s what’s inspiring us this season! Hair as grey as the skies and make- up that’s on point! Light lips will compliment your look while winged liner makes a statement. Steel grey hair is inspiring all of us!! Even though these looks are not traditional, they still give off classy vibes. What do you Think?

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Cranberry Craze makeup! by Alicia Kiwacz

Cranberry Craze makeup! by Alicia Kiwacz


In this make-up look, I wanted to introduce the versatility of natural golden tones between every day make-up looks and evening looks.

For both of these looks, I used the express palette from BeautyAddicts Cosmetics.

Here is a list of the rest of the products used:

  • SleekCheeks- Seduce
  • DoubleDeception-02
  • Light+Medium-Pressed Powder
  • EffortlessEyes-Seduce
  • GlimmerSheers-Express

For the top look, I used SweetLips (Seduce) lip liner and blended with Femme Fatale lipstick. This would be your night out look.

In the bottom photo, I used SweetLips motivate lip liner and blended with Affair lipstick. Comparable with the “Kylie Jenner Nude Lip” .

Have fun re-creating these looks this holiday season!


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Hair extensions to help with the awkward growing stage

There are many uses for hair extension.  You can do a full head to add length or pop in a few here and there to add trendy color highlight without coloring your hair. If you happened caved into the “shaved side” trend hair style and you are now going through that awkward growing stage, stop in @aureliosalon.  A few extensions can help blend it all together!  #aureliosalon #aureliosalontomsriver#perfectress #extensions #hair #hairstylist

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Sea foam green to stunning rose gold! by Tim Maguire

Sea foam green to stunning rose gold! by Tim Maguire

This particular client was quite the challenge. She came in with about 4in of new growth with old highlights on her ends that were a faded mint green. She had, months before, colored her hair herself at home to make it lavender. The green was the faded out result.

I proceeded to touch up her highlights with formula A. After this part was processed, I rinsed and shampooed with DualSenses Fade Stop Shampoo. I tried to loosen up the color on her ends by using Malibu Crystal Gel for 15min under the dryer.

Next, I rinsed out the Crystal Gel and toned the hair with formula B for 10min. I then rinsed out the toner and shampoo with Elumen Wash. Next, glaze with formula C. Process for 15min under the dryer. Rinse out until the water runs clear. Shampoo using Elumen Wash again, and then apply Elumen Lock and process 5min. rinse and condition with Elumen Treat.

To stylep; use Elumen Care, Glamour Whip and Elixer. Blow dry smooth to enhance softness, shine, and brilliance of the color.


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Dusty lavender to vivid violet! by Tim Maquire

Dusty lavender to vivid violet by Tim Maguire

My guest came into the salon with a very faded, dusty lavender color. After trying pastel purple with not much luck, she decided it was time to deepen her color. After consulting with my guest, she finally decided on a very vivid, deep violet.

For the first past of her color, I sectioned the hair into quadrants. Starting at the nape, I sprayed her hair with Structure Equalizer Spray, to even out the porosity of her hair. Next, I applied formula A roots to ends and I processed for 30min.
After formula A processes, wash hair, but DO NOT condition. Back at the chair, completely dry hair, and re-section into quadrants. Begin to apply formula B to the mid-shaft and ends. After all the ends are covered, apply formula B to the new growth and process for 30min. wash and condition with Goldwell DualSenses Fade Stop shampoo and conditioner.
Before styling, I completed the color service with DualSenses Color Locking Serum.

To style, I applied Goldwell Jelly Boost to the roots around the crown and I applied Goldwell Glamour Whip to the ends of the hair. Blow dry to give the hair volume and body. Finish the style with Goldwell Magic Finish hairspray and Diamond Gloss shine spray.

If you like this look and wish to have it for yourself make an appointment with Tim! He is a stylist in our Howell and Toms River location.

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Stylist of the month for November is element 3 stylist, Cheryl!

Stylist of the month for November is element 3 stylist, Cheryl!

Her favorite style equation is hot flex creme + quick blow dry + 2 in 1 styling and finishing spray. Hot flex creme is good for coarse or unruly hair. It is a heat protectant and humidity resistant creme. Quick blow dry speeds up drying time by 50%, conditions the hair and provides heat protection. This product gets sprayed onto towell dried hair after all other styling products are in. 2 in 1 styling and finishing spray is perfect for straightening and curling on dry hair. To use this product spray by sectioning for best result. After styling spray again as a final step to hold your style.

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Create many different styles using the products you already have

By Tim Maguire Hairstylist at Aurelio Salon Howell and Toms River.

Have you ever wondered how to create many different styles using the products you already have? Many of the products from KMS California have many different uses. Aside from what these products are set out to do, many of these great products have alternate uses; giving them versatility and making them go just a little bit farther. Just by applying products in a different order or just by adding a little heat can completely change how a product works.

Messing Crème  on wet hair, apply to ends of your hair before a blowout and top with either, Use De- Frizz Oil or Polishing Serum for a piecey, flippy blowout. on dry hair this adds a lot of fun texture and fullness. This will give you that second-day, lived-in look.

Dry Wax
spray onto ends of wet hair before blowing out for some soft texture and a
light hold.  This product is geared for people with short hair to create texture with a light hold. Also, this is a great product for guys who are looking for control without having any heavy products or hairsprays in their hair.
Clay crème by itself, this will give great texture and separation. This is great for people who want a stronger hold without making the hair crunchy.
You can heat this product with a blow-dryer to make it smoother and more workable. Great for updo’s and getting a smooth look and strong hold on short hair.

Free Shape
Hot Flex Spray
- Use in wet hair to give you a light hold, shine, and heat protection.
- Use on day old hair to re-blow dry. Just spray onto hair and smooth with a blow dryer and round brush.
- Great on dry hair for tight curls and updo’s.


Curl Up
Wave Foam
-use on curly hair when air drying or diffusing to help accentuate the natural
curl of the hair.
-use before a blowout, on wet hair, for soft and shiny hair with a little extra condition.

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