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Deva Curl High Shine Now at Aurelio Salon

What Is High Shine and why is Aurelio Salon carrying it?

High Shine is a lightweight, exclusive blend of 5 curl-loving oils that provide shine, maximize moisture, reduce frizz, smooth and seal split ends, and helps color fading from UV rays! It works great on all kind of curls (wavy, curly, and super curly).

What Makes It So Special?

In the past, there has been a stigma around using oils for curly hair and we’re here to debunk this. First High Shine is made without silicones so it will allow your hair to absorb moisture into the strand and not repel it. It is also fast-absorbing, which means you can layer or cocktail other styling products with it and know that they can still work their magic on your curls!

Your curls the shine and moisture they crave without the heavy buildup or residue.

How Do I Use It?

The beauty of High Shine is that it’s so versatile! High Shine can be used a few different ways:

Wet hair– High Shine can be sprayed onto wet hair as part of your styling routine with your other favorite DevaCurl styling products in order to boost shine and moisture.

L.O.C. method– High Shine can also be used as part of the L.O.C. method which means leave-in, oil, and cream. First, apply Leave-In Decadence for mega moisture and frizz control. Then, spray High Shine onto hair to provide shine. Lastly, smooth in a cream styler (like Styling Cream or SuperCream) to lock in moisture and give curls definition. And remember to do all of this on wet hair!

Dry hair– If you’re looking for the ultimate finishing spray, try spritzing High Shine onto dry curls to maximize shine. You can also spray it on dry curls throughout the day if you feel like your curls are looking dull!

SOTC- High Shine can also be used to scrunch out the cast. Instead of just using your bare hands to scrunch out the cast from your curls, spray a bit of High Shine in them and scrunch into curls to break the cast and give your curls some shine!