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Baby It’s Cold Outside!!

Baby Its Cold Outside – Aurelio Salon in NJ

This time of the year, skin dehydration really takes a toll. Most of us forget that summer is not the only season to hydrate and protect your skin. Whether you are facing indoor heat dryness, or cold air moisture deprivation your skin is begging for some hydration! This is usually why skin cracks and bleeds during this season (ouch!) Let’s try to keep our skin in the best condition this season and follow these oh-so-important tips.

We will first begin with your cleanliness routine! Typically, people like to take showers with hot water during the winter since it is the opposite of the terrible weather conditions being faced outside. Here is a fact you may not have known. Showering with hot water actually strips your body of its natural oils. While you may be getting the best shower of your life, you also will be stripping your body of self-made hydration. Ironic, right? Warm water or even cooler water will help maintain the moisture in your skin.

When you get out, use a lotion, serum, or oil that penetrates deeper than the surface. Most products may only hydrate the top layer of the skin, but really don’t do much for underlying layers. A majority of people think to use a heavier lotion to intensely moisturize the skin. This has some truth to it, however it is not the most effective way to penetrate the skin. Try using an oil before you butter up your body. Using a product containing hyaluronic acid, ceramides or even an oil will be your best pick. These solutions go beyond the surface to effectively hydrate skin.

For cracked lips, a mineral oil can be effective for maintaining moisture but will not create it. If you’re looking to preserve your moisture then this is a fine choice for you, but if you are creating the moisture due to a lack of it, you must look for the ingredients mentioned in the paragraph above (containing hyaluronic acid, ceramides or even an oil).

Now last but certainly important is your face! Using a cleanser with a chemical exfoliant and a gentle mechanical exfoliant (beads or a scrub of some sort). This will regenerate your skin by removing the dead skin cells from the surface. Once you’re done exfoliating, use a lightweight serum on your skin and use your moisturizer afterwards. The serum helps preserve the moisture in your facial moisturizer. If you are worried about your skin getting greasy and breaking out, only use the moisturizer during the day and wash your face with the exfoliant before you sleep. This will allow your skin to breathe while you sleep.

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