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Changing with the seasons!

Changing With the Seasons – Aurelio Salon and Spa in New Jersey

by Dulce and Taylor

As the seasons change so too does your hair and scalp- this means rethinking your daily and weekly beauty routine.  Rotating your shampoo can help to ensure the best results for your scalp and hairs health.  The products you use or may be looking for have their own unique formula to treat certain conditions.


Summer Shampoos

When it is warmer we submerge our hair in the salty ocean and chemically treated water, as well as increase the use of lighteners to achieve that “sun-kissed” summer look; we alter our normal pH.  Maintaining a healthy pH is more crucial than many believe.  When the pH is off your hair will be more susceptible to damage or hair loss while your scalp may be more dry and sensitive leaving the possibility of dandruff or eczema as a side effect.  Citric and tartaric acid both help to adjust the pH of your hair and scalp, bringing it closer to the 4.5-5.5 (the normal measurement of hair) state from the 7-9 either permanent color or bleach can leave you with or ocean water at 8.2.  Shampoos that contain these ingredients from the KMS California line are the HairRemedy Sensitive Scalp shampoo, SilkSheen, HairPlay, MoistRepair, CurlUp, HairStay Clarifying shampoo, and FreeShape.

The sun is one of the leading causes in haircolor fading.  Octinoxate and Peppermint are natural UV filters which help protect hair from the harsh sun’s rays and protect your color.  MoistRepair, CurlUp, ColorVitality, and HairPlay are some of the shampoos you would use as a summer sun defense, depending on the current state of your hair.

Chlorine is an enemy to light and blonde haircolor, during the summer a build-up from salt, minerals, even products can slightly alter any desired look.  Tetrasodium EDTA and Sage Extract help to remove build-up from those factors as well as balance the hair.  HairRemedy Sensitive Scalp Shampoo, HairStay Clarify Shampoo, HairPlay, CurlUp, and SilkSheen all contain those 2 key ingredients to help keep your hair feeling “squeaky clean”.

Winter Shampoos

The cold winter days don’t cause as much damage as it does dryness.  While in the summer you need a little more protection, in the winter you’ll need more moisture.  Glycerin and Wheat Flour both aid in replenishing and maintaining moisture levels; MoistRepair, CurlUp, and HairRemedy Sensitive Scalp Shampoo are your go-to and must-haves during that time.

Good Year Round

There are some scalp conditions that exist year round.  Dandruff and sensitive scalp could be caused from a sunburnt scalp, the dry cold air, or even genetics.  Rosemary and Zinc Pyrithone are two ingredients that help fight against an itchy and flakey scalp.  HairRemedy Sensitive and Dandruff shampoo can both be added into your weekly cleansing regimen regardless of the time of year to ensure your scalp is healthy and flake free.

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