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Fighting Fine Hair!

Fighting Fine Hair – Aurelio Salon in New Jersey


A constant battle that frequently crosses a hairdresser’s chair is the guest with ultra- fine hair. If this is you, pay close attention! Here are a few tips you can follow to fight the battle against dull, flat strands.

1- Do not overload on product.

Believe it or not, you’re doing your hair an injustice. Instead, support your locks wisely, and stick with a light weight root booster. Also choose thickening products which contain a plumping agent to expand hair from the core. Being selective and conservative will take your hair to new heights!

2- Blow-Drying with a round brush.

Utilize tools created by hair genius’ such as Sam Villa. Ventilated ionic round brushes are your “go-to” brush. When drying hair, take the round brush at your root and lift hair away from the scalp. This will allow you to dry hair and create maximum volume where you need it most.

3- Use hot rollers!

That’s right. We’re going old school! This will help set your hair in a manner that will promote voluminous hair. This will not only create volume by the root, but also give the rest of your hair fullness with over- sized curls. Basically you will look like a “foxy lady”.

4- Using the correct shampoo and conditioner.

It is important that you are treating your hair with respect by using the best professional hair care products. If you’re trying to create volume and light weight body, using a heavily conditioned shampoo will not be the best for you. Your goal is to make your hair as light as possible to promote lift and life! Choosing a shampoo such as AddVolume by KMS California will assist your hair with that goal. If your next concern is conditioner that can protect while still being weightless, try FreeShape conditioner- also from KMS California. This has active heat ingredients that activate when heat touches it (blow dryers, flat irons, curling irons, etc.)

5- Getting the proper haircut.

Getting a regular trim when you have fine hair aids the illusion of full hair. When you have breakage and split ends, it creates a thinned out appearance. So set up some appointments at your local salon to ensure you don’t let your hair grow scraggly. Adding some layers will enhance movement in your hair styling as well. With a layered haircut it will be easy to use these tricks for a fuller appearance.

Go ahead fine-haired friends! Try these tips out and see which tricks work best for you.

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