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Five Different Hair Styles That Give You a New Look

Five Different Hair Styles That Give You a New Look – Aurelio Salon in NJ

Whether it’s conserving water, dreading washing and styling your own hair, or just no time to wash your hair here are some creative styles from Aurelio Salon! Depending on the length of your hair you may have to wake up one to two hours early just to get your desired look. What if someone told you by using certian products you would only have to wash your hair once every 5 days! Try these 5 different Updo Styles.

Aurelio-Salon-5-day-hairstyles Here are the products to use to get through your 5 Styles:

Day 1: KMS HairPlay Makeover Spray
Makeover Spray absorbs oil to refresh limp hair and add’s texture for your second day hair. It’s a great way to touch up your hair in-between shampoos! Using a wand, wave the top part of your hair. Using bobby pins twist and pin your hair in a low messy bun.

Day 2: KMS HairPlay Messing Crème & HairPlay Playable Texture
Messing Crème adds grip to a lived in 2nd-day style. Using the messing crème about a dime size amount, worked it into your hands and pull back your hair to get control of the fly-a-ways. Playable Texture lets you re-work your style and builds texture each time it’s used. When using playable texture you want to spray from the inside of your hair, lift up each section and spray inside to create that textured look.

Day 3: KMS FreeShape 2-in-1 Styling+Finishing Spray & HairStay Medium Hold Spray
2-in-1 Styling+Finishing Spray is used for adding shine onto dry hair, and also used as a heat protectant. Medium Hold Spray is a working spray which provides style memory & brushable hold, using both of the products you will be able to create a polished effortless look!

Day 4: KMS HairPlay MakeOver Spray & HairPlay Dry Touch-Up
Using MakeOver Spray only on the root and down the mid-shaft to absorb any access oils and build-up on your hair. Dry Touch-Up revives dry, over worked ends and adds a shine as if it were a dry conditioner. On my day 4 look I created just a normal braid. You can be creative and design a braid you have never tried before!

Day 5: KMS HairPlay Design Wax & HairStay Dry Extreme Hairspray
Design Wax has a style memory, this product lets you rework your hair and help create your desired style. Dry Extreme Hairspray has a 24 hour hold with its anti-humidity resistance. To create day 5 style, use a pea size amount of Design Wax, worked it through your fingers and start a fishtail braid. Using bobby pins twist the braid into an updo style and pinned so it’s secure. For a finishing touch spray with the Dry Extreme Hairspray.

Hopefully these tips and a little bit of product knowledge will help you create beautiful results without having to waste time!   By Jen D!

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