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Hip-DO was Featured in 4 of the Salon Industries Sources.

Hip-Do Featured in 4 Salon Industries Sources – Aurelio Salon in New Jersey

Congratulations to Emily! Her Hip-DO was Featured in 4 of the Salon Industries Sources. Check out the links below to see the articles.


Not just for the conservative crowd, mode updos don braids and a palette of vibrant hues. Howell, New Jersey’s Aurelio Salon–fashions happening “hipdos” that appeal to trend-conscious clients. The bolder updo debuts just in time for wedding and prom season.

“Combining easy-to-do braids in a wispy whimsical fashion is a great way to approach updos for edgier clients looking for styles that are unique and hip, yet elegant enough for special occasions,” explains Dantoni. “When their color is bold, it makes even more of statement.”

Achieve this hip look:

  ● On dry hair, determine the face framing pieces by sectioning away the hair that falls before the ears.
● Run a dime-size portion of Goldwell STYLE SIGN Spun Shine Gloss Shine Cream from mids to ends to give fine hair shimmer and soft hold.
● Tease at the crown for height – use discretion to decide how much volume is ideal for the desired result. Smooth the remaining hair back and divide into 3 sections. Individually braid each section and secure each braid with a rubber band.
● Pull the braid on the left over to the right to hide the end and then secure the braid by tucking a bobby pin into the base of the right braid. Repeat for the right braid.
● To place the third and middle braid, gently pull apart the others using a bobby pin, and go undeeath the two along the nape of the neck and secure the ends by tucking. Spray with KMS Califoian HAIR STAY Dry Xtreme Hairspray.
● Let the front pieces down and loosely braid the section closest to the ear and pin above the other braids, pull the rest gently to release shorter layers and pin with braids.
● With a 1″ wand, curl the face frame and finish with KMS Califoian HAIR STAY Dry Xtreme Hairspray for hold and KMS Califoia STYLE SING Diamond Gloss for impressive brilliance.

Products used:

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