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This week’s salon’s availability at a glance, June 30th

-Partial Highlight and Haircut with Element 2 Stylist 1:00 PM
-Conditioning Treatment & Blow Out with Element 1 Stylist 5:00 PM

-GK Smoothing Treatment with Element 2 Stylist 2:45 PM
-Hair Removal with Element 2 Stylist 3:30 PM
-Men’s Cut with Element 1 Stylist 6:30 PM

-Shampoo Experience with available upgrade with Element 1 Stylist 12:00 PM
-New Growth Touch-Up and Haircut with Element 3 Stylist 4:30 PM

-Haircut with Element 5 Stylist 9:00 AM
-Partial/ Full Highlight & Blow Out with Element 3 Stylist 11:00 AM
-Men’s Cut with Element 2 Stylist 12:30 PM
-Conditioning Treatment with Element 1 Stylist 1:15 PM

If you are interested in reserving an appointment at any of these times or for other appointments please call Aurelio Salon. Check-In on social media and receive an lesson on some fun summer styles for your hair.