Salon Tips for the Day!

bad-hair-day-300x205Minimize bad hair days:

  1. Get an expert haircut from a Professional Stylist,
  2. Use Profession Hair Color, NO BOX (see our Blog on Box vs Professional)
  3. Maintain the quality of your hair!  Whenever you are using chemicals or heating tools excessively; curling irons, blow-dryer or flat irons. you can damage your hair. Know how to counteract the effects.
  4. Have your professional give you a lesson on how to use the right tools.


Sexy hair needs to be touchable. Too much hair spray, gel or mousse wont allow someone to run their fingers through your hair. That tip is for the guys too.

Tip of the Day: Frame fair skin by filling in eyebrows. Depending on how dark or light your hair is, you’ll want to match your brows one shade darker the your hair.

Health Tip: Cut the butter and margarine from your diet, use apple, pumpkin, or other fruit butters on bread instead.


Top 12 Reasons To Use Professional Hair Color -vs- Store Bought Color