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Changing your hair color… Things you need to know!

This upcoming season we are seeing a lot of requests to lighten up darker hair; whether it’s hair painting, highlights, or a full head of lightness. Changing your hair is exciting and doing the process is Rewarding, however, keep in mind the laws of color and the integrity of the hair. Make the change with out the stress.

Don’t think you can be Elvira one day and the chick from Game of Thrones the next or dark hair Khloe kardashian to blonde Khloe.  Just google her and look at the pictures over the years.

Sure you might be able to go from dark to light in one shot BUT your hair will be severely compromised. So if you want damaged hair with breakage,split ends and dry like straw or a nice chemical cut with it go for it. This is without running into any problems.

So what will cause problem? Was the hair colored before? What type of color? Was it box or do professionally?  Depending on the type you may not be able to get the color out or you might have bands. So what do you do bleach it more and more, causing more stress on your hair.

Before you start the processes ask yourself do you like the look or the person you see wearing it.  Maybe get a pic of the person whose hair you want and face swap to see if its good for you.  Often times we see someone in the lime light and want to be them.  One way to do that is to adopt their hairstyle. so we rush out to get that look not taking into account that the coloring might not be right for our skin tone or the cut for the shape of our face.  Really ask yourself if this is for me. This one simple step will prevent buyer remorse. You wont go home and look in the mirror and hate it because the color is not right for you then blame the salon or stylist for it.

What should you expect? Be prepared to be in the salon for several visits. Make sure you have budget yourself correctly. To do this change it will take time and money to get there. Know that this will not happen overnight, it is a process and will take several visits.  Talk in detail to your stylist about your hair goals and ask them for their point of view. They know what looks will go with your face shape and skin tone.

At Aurelio Salon we care about the integrity of your hair, from the lightener and color brand (Goldwell) we use to constantly educating our staff on the latest techniques to ensure it done correctly.  Please Read our blog on Box color for more info.   #hairjourney  #lawofcolor #aureliosalon #hairstylist #iamgoldwell