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Long hair styles will make you stylish, sexy and chic!

Long hair styles will make you stylish, sexy and chic    

by Daisy Rosania 

Hair plays an important and essential element in the lives of human beings. When you possess the perfect hair cut, your entire look gets enhanced and accentuates your true beauty. Long hair styles have always been in fashion since ancient times when women as well as men used to keep long hair and also executed different kinds of styles and hair fashions out of it.

More styling and fashion is possible  Do you know long hair can help you to undertake different types of styles? Long hair has the advantage of carrying out a wide array of versatile styles. Many women prefer to have long hair because they can change the style to suit any occasion. Ponytails, braids, updo, straight or the curly look are a few.   If you currently have short hair and planning to grow it, you definitely have many different hairstyles you can try. To help achieve them make use that you use the right styling products from KMS or Goldwell (ask your stylist for recommendations) and you will see the difference it brings in the appearance of your  hair.  Just having a thick and long hair won’t make you look good. It is necessary to have the adequate shine and luster. Smooth and silky hair is desired by all and  KMS and Goldwell products are able to enhance the appearance and healthiness of the hair.

Analyse the style before you adopt  Before you go for any permanent hair style, it is essential that you should analyse your facial appearance and the comfort level to carry out any particular style and then act accordingly(Check out our blog on Face-shape and styles). Consulting with your stylist is essential, They will be able to not only advise you on the right hairstyle for you buy will be able to recommend a treatment protocol and haircut schedule to achieve the look you want. Just growing your hair wont do it. If your hair is damaged and unhealthy you may grow it long but you will be face with breakage and split end. Using products like Bond Pro by Goldwell and Olaplex and treatment masks can help ensure health hair!

Proper maintenance is required


When you have long hair it means that you have to commit more time for maintaining it and keeping it in the perfect condition. The hair should always be kept cleaned and shampooing and conditioning must be initiated at regular intervals. There are several beauty products available in the market regarding the hair care and maintenance. Choose wisely and keep your hair shining, thick and long forever. I recommend you use the Goldwell and KMS products.