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How to use KMS Hair Play Sea Salt Spray!

KMS Hair Play Sea Salt Spray!

The transformative ingredient in the Sea Salt Spray is genuine Dead Sea salt, which contains over 21 minerals that help to repair and protect every strand of hair. The matte finish this spray gives allows every style you create to look natural and lived-in, while the light hold lets your hair move freely in the summer breeze!

This styling spray gives you the versatility to create textured, just out-of-the-ocean looks or smooth blow-dry styling with lots of fullness!

For a beachy, waved look , start with towel dried hair and apply the spray from roots to ends of each section. Once your product has been applied, comb through your hair with a wide-tooth comb to evenly distribute the product and get rid of any tangles. You can either dry your hair by diffusing with a blow dryer or simply allowing the wind and sun to dry your hair for you! Finish this look off with KMS Dry Wax to add more hold and KMS De-Frizz oil to control any frizz.

For a more styled, sophisticated look, again start with towel dried hair and apply the spray from roots to ends of each section. KMS Shaping Blow Dry Spray can also be added to provide heat protection and deliver a stronger hold for your style. Blow dry your hair using a round brush to give volume and smoothness to your look. Finish your blowout with KMS Working Hair Spray to provide humidity resistance and a light hold and KMS Playable Texture spray to add even more texture throughout your look!

The KMS Hair Play Sea Salt Spray and the rest of the KMS line can be found at both Aurelio Salon Locations. Unsure about what styling products are best for you? Schedule a complimentary Style Equation during a blow dry service with any of our talented stylists to learn how to style your hair at home and much more!