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The Benefits of Using Goldwell Colorance

The Benefits of Using Goldwell Colorance

We are constantly on the lookout for certain hair care products that will make our customers’ locks look and feel fantastic. But, being sticklers for quality, it’s usually quite rare that we find a range of hair care products that we actually love! That’s why Goldwell’s collection of hair colors features so heavily in our offering – we adore the products, know exactly how to achieve the premium results, and our clients are always delighted with their beautiful new hair color.

Goldwell’s range is split into four main hair care product types: permanent color, semi-permanent color, lightener and color systems. Within each category, Goldwell has further developed unique formulas that focus on improving the performance of the colorant by enhancing the condition of the hair. Whether you are looking for a gorgeous, natural tone or a wild new shade, Goldwell’s extensive product offering will help you achieve and maintain the style you want. Read on to find a quick view on effectiveness and benefits of Goldwell Colorance products.

Repair hair damage

Have you spent a little more time in the chlorine water or sun this summer? A gloss will help repair any damage you have due to intense summer heat or excessive chlorine exposure. Daisy recommends getting a gloss. “It really helps to repair your hair so that your hair will feel much better,” she said. The gloss will deep condition and return texture of your strands for ultimate smoothness, silkiness, and maximum brightness.

Free of ammonia

The gloss is not as harsh or permanent as other regular hair colors. “It is very acidic and closes the strands and the cuticle real tight. The result is a very shiny and smooth surface texture that will reflect more light and add much softer feel to it,” says Daisy. On the other hand, standard hair color contains ammonia, which first opens up the hair and cuticles and then deposits color into it, therefore increasing the chance of hair damage.

Provide intense conditioning

A gloss provides intense conditioning and translucent color. It will work with the variation of natural hair tone, allowing for a more subdued shade. “If you have gray hair and you put on a gloss, it will have a very tonal effect instead of being one solid opaque color. It also automatically makes your hair super smooth and shiny.”It can even reduce a little frizz, and in general, your hair feels like you have a conditioning and color treatment done at once, says Daisy.Reduce the highlights

Goldwell Colorance products can help reduce the highlights. Daisy recommends getting a gloss therapy right after coloring to tone down the color. After every color treatment in my salon, I finish the treatment with a gloss to lock the color and to make sure that the tone is the exact shade that my guests demands.

Lowers the hair pH

You do not have to change your natural hair color to get the benefits of a glow. The clear gloss is essentially a powerhouse of a conditioning therapy for your hairs. All you would be doing is lowering the pH level of your hair that imparts extreme conditioning properties. Daisy says there is no better clear gloss treatment like Goldwell Colorance.

Everyone can use it

It’s totally in for fall. According to Daisy, this season’s hair trends will be “all about really rich jewel tones.” Her advice: If you are a brunette, go for an espresso brown or rich honey. If you are a redhead, try a deep auburn or copper. And if you are a blonde, opt for a golden tone.