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Summer is here and now is the time to protect your skin!!!

The reasons why it is so important to use sun protection, first is the prevention of skin cancer. The rate at which people are finding out they have it is astronomical… the damage we already have done when we were  younger will forever be there, But from this day forward if you protect your skin. You will be helping yourself in the long run from any more sun damage or even pre-mature wrinkles. No sun burn is worth the damage it causes!! Yes you might end up with a great sun kissed tan all golden brown and then 5, 10 and 20 years later you will be sorry for the damage that pretty tan cost you.  Stop now, and go with airbrush tans and self- tanner.  It’s safe and non- toxic for you and your skin.

Always put on sunblock or SPF before leaving your home, anytime during the day… This is one of the only ways to help prevent pre-mature aging and environmental damage…. Also try to be diligent with exfoliating your skin, face & body at least 2-3 times a week and don’t forget the moisturizer after shower or whenever you have had sun exposure!! This will help with the prevention of dry, flaky and itchy skin too ?

So STOP laying out with oil and soaking up those summer rays!! Go for clean, healthy, glowing and natural skin for today, tomorrow and always!!!

Lazy Days of Summer

Aurleio+Salon+Paul+Mitchell+Paul+Mitchell+Awapuhi+Moisture+Mist+Lazy days of summer are full of great times with friends and family with sand between our toes and sun blazing. It’s the time when lifelong memories are made and relationships bond. Or better yet having the breeze of the ocean as we sail along our shores. With all this fun, we tend to forget about what these elements do to our skin and hair.

Here at Aurelio Salon and Spa, we’re here to help. Come in and get one of our wonderful Rituals we offer in our Lather Room. These rituals will moisturize, revitalize and energize you. Each Ritual comes with our great shampoo experience, scalp message, Ritual element and hot towel treatment. Call today and get in for these wonderful treatments, all for $29.99.

Defeat the heat and turn back time with our professional skin care line Cures. Protect your skin from the summer UVA (aging) & UVB (burning) rays with our Vitamin C serum! Our Daily anti-aging moisturizer will help replenish and hydrate dry or sun damaged skin. Also, remember that hydrating isn’t effective unless you properly exfoliate, ask about our Microdermabrasion, A deep physical exfoliate machine, that removes dead skin cells and allows new skin to the surface and be treated.

Before you leave the salon we’ll set you up with Awapuhi Moisture Mist take home product that you can use on the go. Awapuhi Moisture Mist will moisture and refresh your locks and skin from the beach and sun. Just mist your hair or skin for anytime. For added refreshing place the product in the freezer for a few.
Have fun and enjoy these “Lazy Days of Summer” with confidence.

Call Aurelio Salon in Howell at 732-303-0052 or 732-551-2930 in Toms River New Jersey for more information about moisturizing and revitalizing rituals during the lazy days of summer.

By Elaine and Ashlee K

Wedding Hair and Makeup

Wedding Hair and Makeup – Aurelio Salon and Spa in New Jersey

braid-brunette-cool-cute-dark-hair-Favim.com-448770There is nothing more fun at Aurleio Salon than a wedding The romance, the excitement, the dress and, most important, the wedding hairstyle and Makeup. Remember the wedding photos will last forever and so will our work!/

Our stylists who do weddings know that there are rules. Wedding hair is NOT prom hair. (Some seem to be under the impression that an “up-do is an up-do,” but this isn’t the case – wedding hair requires finesse.) Of course, the wedding hair planning should start the minute the dress is purchased. Right after the Bride and her stylist have screamed in delight over the choice of moissanite rings the groom went through before settling on the one she is showing off, both will need to get to work.

1 Stop in and sit with our wedding coordinator. Plan for about 30 minutes. They will walk the bride through the process, Explain the different packages we have at the salon, schedule the trials and book her appointment on the wedding day. At this time our stylists will hear the bride’s idea of how she wants to look on her wedding day. Look at the photos of her dress and plan the ideal hair. Strapless dresses lend themselves to longer styles and higher necklines tend to prefer up-dos to show the detail of the dress. The hair should complement the entire ensemble, not compete with it. Some things we have to plan and consider will be whether or not the bride will want to grow her hair out or get extensions for her big day. Hair color will also be discussed at length. Order hair extensions. Most brides look best in their natural hair color or a color enhanced version of the original. All these details are important to achieve the right look. Either way, there are many considerations for the big day.

2 The Trial Hair and Makeup. After the dress is purchased or at least two months before the wedding, the Bride should bring Photos of her dream hair, photos of the wedding dress, her veil or headpiece, any hair ornaments she wants to use in her wedding hair, and a camera. She should plan about an hour for hair and 30 min to an hour for makeup. She may also wish to plan some other things way ahead in advance, like any facials she may want to lead up to the wedding, or other treatments such as eyelash extention serum to ensure her lashes are nice and long for the big day! But for the trial day, with all this in mind, our stylists will begin to casually style the Bride’s hair into her ideas to get a visual. They will then arrange the hair in its final completed form with all the hair baubles in place so the Bride can see exactly what she will look like on her big day. This hair is not meant to stay up or last. It is only a trial.

The Bride will want to do this BEFORE the wedding, so the wedding day is easy and stress-free. Make any changes she needs to and perfect the style! At this time, our stylists and makeup artists will discuss and observe any colour issues that might come up and make notes. Also, make any changes needed. Anything that is placed in the hair will also need to be taken out without destroying the hairstyle. How high will the hair be? Will it need to be taken down at any time during the night? Are you getting lash extensions? Our stylists have to consider the things that the Bride cannot see coming.

3 Just before the wedding Chemicals and Cut. About week before the wedding date the bride should have an Hair appointment. This is where our stylist will color the bride’s hair as needed, which includes highlights, color, glossing treatments, deep conditioning treatments, adding extensions (depending on the type of extensions) We also recommend a conditioner/glossing treatment to the hair to give it that healthy shine and feel for every bride. This appointment will finalize the hair shaping and any chemical services required to create the most beautiful wedding hairstyle ever. Our stylists may even suggest fresh salon hairstyle, but will not give her a style that looks anything like what she will be wearing down the aisle. Her wedding hair will be new and never seen, like the dress.

The Wedding Day The bride has a lot to and we are going to give her one less thing and that is not to wash her hair that morning if the hair will be styled in an up-do. Freshly washed hair can be too slippery to hold pins. She is to wear a button down shirt or robe so the shirt is not pulled over the freshly style hair. Her appointment was scheduled to get her out on time so she should arrive 15 min early with her veil or headpiece and any hair ornaments. Then sit back and enjoy the experience.

Call Aurelio Salon in Howell at 732-303-0052 or 732-551-2930 in Toms River New Jersey for more information about wedding hair and makeup.

Paul Mitchell Blonde now at Aurleio Salon!

Indulge your blonde moments with Paul Mitchell Blonde

Whether you crave a subtle golden glow or a starlet-inspired shade of platinum, Paul Mitchell Professional Hair Color delivers healthy, conditioned results with luminous shine.
Ask your Aurelio Salon stylist to mix up a brilliant blonde shade, just for you.

Paul Mitchell Blonde Shampoo BRIGHTENS AND ENHANCES BLONDE, GRAY OR WHITE HAIR Brightens – Cool violet pigments help to brighten and/or enhance blonde, gray or white hair while neutralizing yellow tones. Hydrates and Adds Shine – A powerful combination of conditioning agents and extracts provides ample moisture and intensified shine. Gently Cleanses – Mild ingredients cleanse while retaining moisture and softening the hair.


GK Hair Now at Aurelio Salon!

Aurelio Salon is Proud to Announce that we are now carrying GK Hair Taming System!33737_n

The GK Hair Taming System with Juvexin restores hair by repairing and providing long-term conditioning and protection. GK hair is the first and only company to harness the beauty benefits of Juvexin. Derived from sheep wool through an environmentally-friendly process, Juvexin is delivered to the hair in its natural state. Juvexin is GK hair’s foundation in creating manageable, frizz-free, beautiful looking hair for all those who want it.”The Best” way to tame and manage your hair.

Rejuvenates while straightening and strengthening hair for up to 5 months.

“The Best” reduces the stiffness (elastic modulus) in the hair, this reduction or softening effect causes the hair to lose its natural curl and feel softer. The greater the concentration along with application of Juvexin, the softer or straighter the hair will become.

Juvexin penetrates throughout the hair shaft delivering important conditioning and moisturizing benefits. This improves the softness and reduces friction enabling the hair to better withstand heat, helps make hair less prone to breakage and improves the lubricity of hair, giving hair overall better manageability. On both wet and dry hair there is less entanglement during brushing, making the hair less prone to breakage and improving manageability.
What is Juvexin?

Juvexin is a special blend of proteins and peptidesoptimized specifically for hair. Juvexin has been developed to protect and restore the hair back to its youthful state and is found in all GKhair products worldwide. Juvexin restores your hair to its pristine condition. It puts back the same properties found in young, healthy and vibrant hair which are usually lost over time. There is nothing artificial and no harsh chemicals are used.

• Easier application
• Leaves the hair healthier using a high concentration of Juvexin
• Reduces styling time
• Clients can air dry hair
• No wait time for shampooing
• One formula which can be customized to offer varying results

New Trends at Aurelio Salon


Wondering what the new look for the season is? Well here it is! This look was created by using Paul Mitchell Inkworks for the base, prelightening the ends of the hair, then foiling in three demipermanent colors. WOW!

Stop in or call the salon for this New and exciting look!

Paul Mitchell Color is Amazing!!!!

The Paul Mitchell color wand sprinkles confidence through the magic of the makeover. The experiences of six women reveal the power of feeling beautiful. In the struggle to deal with homelessness, addiction, low income or a jagged career path, women can lose sight of their own beauty. As a longtime supporter of Chrysalis, a nonprofit group in California dedicated to helping people regain their self-sufficiency, Paul Mitchell treated six Chrysalis clients to full makeovers. For this Color Your Confidence campaign, the Paul Mitchell Artistic Team designed a style and color to bring out each woman’s individual glamour and, with it, confidence in her appearance and future.

Goal: Study to become a massage therapist. Color: Leslie was prelightened with Dual Purpose Lightener and 20-Volume Cream Developer. Two formulas of Paul Mitchell The Color were applied in an evenly alternating pattern.



AFTER – “This will give me more self-esteem to go after my dreams.”


Goal: Rebound with new work as an artistic director after being laid off. Color: Two formulas of Paul Mitchell The Color were alternated with Dual- Purpose Lightener, in diagonal back partings in the Mohawk section.



AFTER – “This is a huge reminder for me of who I am.”soule_after


Goal: Take computer classes to prepare for entering the job market. Color: Tracy was a natural level 5 who had outgrowth and previously highlighted hair. Three formulas of Paul Mitchell The Color were applied, plus Color Shots, PM Shines and Inkworks Overlay.




AFTER  – “I forgot who I was, and this has brought it all back. I feel beautiful again.”


Goal: Pursue passion for health and fitness through the launch of PerfectAah, a food and fitness company. Color: Heather is a natural level 6. Three formulas were used to brighten her look.



AFTER – “I feel sophisticated and classy. I’m excited to see how this is going to change my life.”heather_after

Goal: Complete business curriculum, enter the fashion industry and, eventually, market an original clothing line. Color: Alexis, a natural level 3, had no previous color. Two formulas were applied: Paul Mitchell The Color plus a second formula for highlights.




Goal: Enroll in a nursing program. Color: Sandra was a natural level 6, with level 7 outgrown highlights. Dual-Purpose Developer and Paul Mitchell The Color were applied in a checkerboard pattern.



AFTER – “This will help me in all ways, because when you look beautiful, you present yourself well.”sandra_after

Bangin’ Braids

Who can resist a beloved childhood hair style brought back to life in adulthood? Celebrities have been kicking it up a notch in the braids department lately, and we’re taking notice. From the undone and chic look to the structured, more classic style, we picked out a few notable braids we spotted on stars recently.

We love the way Miley’s slightly undone and pulled apart side braid offsets her formal attire on the red carpet.


Kim’s So tight, so right. When your client needs a reliable braid with a little flair, encourage her to check out Kim’s casual but sweet side braid started from the crown and cascading downward.


Braids don’t have to be an all or nothing style. Work a “peek-a-boo” braid  into a casual blowout and incorporate some beaded ribbon to jazz things up a bit further.

Find out more information about us in our video and picture galleries. Read about industry news and trends on our blog or what’s new at Aurelio Salon including events and rewards customer can receive Give the gift of beauty to Aurelio Salon (Voted New Jerseys Best Salon*). Gift cards are available in any denominations.

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Straightening and Repair your Hair!

Do you have frizzy hair and want a smoother look and feel that will last for months? You can straighten and repair your hair – it is easy to do. Keratin Complex transforms this frizzy haired model with dark, naturally wavy hair into a straight look with more manageability. The result lasts 2-4 months. Since their launch in 2007, Keratin Complex has led the way with innovative technology and amazing results. It is no wonder Keratin Complex is now the leading smoothing system in the World! All Keratin Complex treatments and styling products are specially formulated to contain natural keratin protein, which rebuilds, restores and rejuvenates all types of hair. No more bad hair days with Keratin Complex!

Check out these before and after pics!

Find out more information about us in our video and picture galleries. Read about industry news and trends on our blog or what’s new at Aurelio Salon including events and rewards customer can receive Give the gift of beauty to Aurelio Salon (Voted New Jerseys Best Salon*). Gift cards are available in any denominations.

Call Aurelio Salon in Howell at 732-303-0052 or 732-551-2930 in Toms River New Jersey for more information about straightening and repairing your hair.

New Hair Ideas!

Here are some great new hair ideas from the silver screen that feature Paul Mitchell Products.  If you are looking for any of these looks just let your stylist know.   As a Paul Mitchell Focus Salon we can help make you look like you should be in the movies!



Being a bombshell is easier than you’d think. For these gorgeous Marilyn waves, just prep your hair with mousse such as Paul Mitchell Flexible Style Sculpting Foam, then blow-dry it upside down for volume. Create a side part, then set the hair in pin curls. When your hair is cool, gently brush it out to create a swooping wave near the crown and soft curls at the ends.



Fake a vacation in any season with surfer-chick waves. Mist texturizing spray such as Paul Mitchell Awapuhi Wild Ginger Texturizing Sea Spray onto clean, towel-dried hair from roots to ends. Part your hair and blow it dry with the nozzle pointing downward, using your fingers instead of a brush. Then, wrap random sections around a one-inch curling iron and tug on the ends to loosen the waves. A bit of wax on the ends adds definition and piecey texture