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HOW TO: PUMPKIN SPICE   Noelle Hair painted oxycur platin dust free mixed with 6% while leaving out previously lightened hair. After processing she washed hair and then applied a mix of  9KG and 6B colorance blue lotion!

Untouched to Highlighted Beauty

Untouched to Highlighted Beauty


Our guest, Alyssa, started off with a virgin canvas (so exciting!) She has a natural level of 6, and her canvas consisted of level 8 pieces highlighting her face and disbursed through her ends from the summer. Her eyes have a pale blue tone to them so we decided to go with a neutral look with hints of cool blonde.

For her technique her stylist, Alicia, wanted to do something soft since it was her first time coloring her hair, but also wanted to take advantage of the strength of the hair she has being that her hair was freshly cut and had no chemical damage. So for something subtly striking, she took slices and painted highlights on the outside of the section. She then merged them at the mid-shaft and covered the whole top layer of the section with lightener. In between her slices she did micro weaves to break up the slices and offset the blonde for effective diffusion. Alicia stayed away from the root as she is not a frequent salon visitor. To create longevity, we diffused the root to prevent aggressive new growth.

For her cut and style, we chose to only take a quarter of an inch of her length being that she recently received a haircut. We shaped her layers by point cutting them. Her final result was a soft cool blonde with hints of bright pearly blonde pieces. She was very happy with her first color transformation!

How to Banish Brassiness from Blonde Hair

How to Banish Brassiness from Blonde Hair



Do you feel like your light locks don’t stay refreshed until your next hair appointment? There’s a couple reasons you may feel this way and if you do, read on! We identified a few common issues that most blondies aren’t aware of. Here are a few of the most important issues changing your perfect strands into brassy madness.

  • You need a shampoo and conditioner that actively fights the brassy tones that remain in our hair. The best shampoos for blondes are ones that contain a purple or blue base. WHY? Your hair color is made up of the 3 primary colors- blue, yellow, and red. When your color becomes brassy, it means that the blue pigment is leaving your hair (which is typical to fade first). That leaves red and yellow to create a wonderful shade of orangey undertones in your hair. To counteract that business, the blue and purple based shampoos and conditioners constantly replace the blue bases in your hair to keep blonde from looking rash. Our recommendation is Goldwell’s Dual Senses Blonde n Highlights shampoo and conditioner. Not only do the shampoo and conditioner have an indigo base, but they leave the hair as smooth and shiny as it was even before the highlights. It neutralizes any yellow tones and provides regenerative care instantly. If you are feeling extra brassy, leave the conditioner on for 15 minutes. This allows the conditioner to really get inside the hair and eliminate yellow tones.
  • Another issue blondes tend to forget is that mineral water, well water, or hard water can SERIOUSLY affect the blonde color in your hair. The iron and minerals cause the hair to INCREASE in warmer tones, taking away the reflective blonde you and your hairdresser have worked so hard for. There is a solution for this, but it is more of a commitment than most people are willing to follow through with. If you are a committed blonde, you should seriously consider purchasing a shower filter. These filters have technology that can transfer iron and minerals to potassium ions which will increase softness in your hair and provide longer lasting color.
  • Every blonde knows what a “toner” or “glaze” is. What they don’t know is that these toners are usually semi-permanent or demi-permanent. This means that the color only lasts for 3-4 weeks (semi) or 4-6 weeks (demi). It is not permanent color. That leaves the tone of the hair brassy before they need to touch up their highlights or blonde color. What blondes need to start doing is seeing their hairdresser within 4-6 weeks to simply refresh their toner. It doesn’t have to be the whole service, just worry about the brassy tones you are seeing. Even if you are a little bit rooted, and feel that you need to get your highlights done, you may not actually need your hair touched up just yet. Just worry about your toner, because over highlighting can cause unnecessary additional damage.

Now that you know how to keep your blonde looking fresh, set up your hair appointments accordingly! It becomes much easier to follow if you set up your appointments in advance! So, remember, proper at home care, shower filters, and toners will keep your blonde the best it can be.

Hair from washed out to WOW!

From washed out to WOW!

hair-washed-out-to-wowSometimes our guests don’t know what suits them best and that’s where an educated hair artist comes into play.  In this situation I had a young woman sit in my chair with a few inches of mousy brown regrowth and bleach blond mid-ends.  She was unsure on what type of look she was going for next so naturally I started brainstorming a few ideas in my head based on her style and appearance.  We both decided to go with a rooted look considering she wasn’t too fond of high maintenance color like her blonde.  I suggested a beautiful pearly raspberry color because I felt that her personality paired perfectly with a fun and funky color.   Her ends were extremely porous and over processed so I filled that area to ensure our desired color would be achieved and also last in her hair.  Next, I went in at her root with the desired color and 3% lotion for no lift to give it a deeper appearance than the already lighter ends. After I applied the root, I went in with the same formula and brought it directly over the filler color.  I knew it would appear a bit lighter due to how light the strands already were.  Finally, we did an all over color balancing using the same color but a demipermanent to give back a little moisture and add shine.

Eating for Healthy Hair!

You are what you eat!  Here are some simple healthy meals to insure for stronger, healthier hair:

Breakfast- 2 Hard boiled eggs, Greek yogurt, fruit (blueberry, strawberry, kiwi, oranges, guava, papaya).
Eggs contain biotin and promote growth, Yogurt contains vitamin B5 which helps stop thinning, fruit contains vitamin C and antioxidants that strengthen capillaries supplying the hair shaft.
Lunch- Spinnach salad with walnuts, craisins, feta cheese, and grilled chicken.
Spinnach contains iron to battle brittleness, nuts are rich in zinc which prevents hair loss, cranberries help production of collagen, cheese has calcium for hair health, and chicken contains protein for strength.
Dinner- Grilled salmon with sweet potato.
Salmon contains omeg-3 fatty acids provide oils to keep hair moisturized. Sweet potatoes carry beta carotene which promotes shine.

Autumn Looks at Aurelio Salon

Autumn Looks at Aurelio Salon

It’s easier than you think to get your hair spiced up for autumn.  Many people tend to lighten and highlight for those warm summer months making it a bit easier to add richer tones into the hair as the weather begins to cool off for fall.  What I did for this gorgeous cranberry color was simply use a demipermanent glaze to change her old balayage highlights from brassy to beautiful. Using demipermanent color is especially convenient for a stylist who has guests who like to change their color often or between seasons because it washes out over time. It is easier to lighten or remove from the hair if a guest likes to transform with the seasons



ST. Tropez now at Aurelio Salon!


Are you ever in a rush to go somewhere but feel washed out? No worries! The newest addition to Aurelio Salon will have you feeling better than ever! Welcoming St. Tropez our self tanning line that’ll have you second guessing the damaging tan from the sun. St Tropez is one of the best self tanning lines with its ability to absorb to your skin’s natural melanin, creating a soft gentle sun-kissed glow. The natural melanin is different on each an everyone, so you’ll never feel too dark or too orange. With its aroma guard technology you won’t have to worry about smelling like a spray tan! Want a fast tan? Perfect! Try the St Tropez Self Tan Express mousse, it takes 1-3 hours to get your desired tan. Want to customize your self tan? Awesome! Try the ST Tropez Gradual Tan Moisturizer, each day  you use it your tan gets a little darker, also it’s good to use to maintain the self tan prior to using the moisturizer! St Tropez has many options to choose the best tan for you! Stop in Aurelio Salon today to feel brand new!


Back to School, Back to Style!

Back to School, Back to Style!

Summer is now approaching an end and we’ve got the summertime blues. To pick ourselves up, we’re getting excited for fall! What’s not to love? Pumpkin spice flavored EVERYTHING, fall leaves, bon fires, and back to school style. Speaking of back to school, here’s some looks you can try to head back in style!

All of these styles take about 5-10 minutes to do, and keep you looking on trend. It’s no secret that boho style is at the top of the style game right now. These looks are perfect because they don’t require much to look the part! The benefit is, the messier the style, the better the look.

Look 1Back-to-school-hair-styles-aurelo-salon-2-900x439
Chic crown twist merged into a fishtail braid with Nude lip color with lots of mascara and thin liner.

This style makes the transition between summer and fall. Just because summer is over, doesn’t mean you can’t look beachy! Wear this look with boyfriend ripped jeans, a tank, and a flowery kimono. Easy and stylish all in one look!

Look 2Back-to-school-hair-styles-aurelo-salon-1

Effortless fishtail braid with Nude lip with mascara and liner.

Perfect for a rainy day, or any day your hair won’t cooperate! The pulled back style makes you look put together with control over unruly or even silky hair. Like we said the messier the better, so even if the style is not perfect, you will still look stylish. Try wearing with a loose fitting V-neck tee, or graphic tank with a throwover (sweater, kimono, etc….depending on the weather). Think comfortable, yet trendy.

Look 3Back-to-school-hair-styles-aurelo-salon-2-900x439
Fishtail braid bun Nude lip, mascara, and light liner.

This bun is actually easier to create than it looks! All you simply do, is take 2 fishtail braids, and pull them out (AKA pancaking). It gives fullness and texture to the braids. Then you wrap them around each other, and pin! Make sure to tuck the tail of the braid so they don’t stick out ? Wear with a cute dress and a sweater. If you want to keep it natural, use a nude lip color. To give this look a pop, use a more striking lip color (purple, deep red, or muted pink.)

Look 4Back-to-school-hair-styles-aurelo-salon-3
Old hollywood loose waves. Pop of color on lip with more noticeable contour. Lots of mascara with cat eyeliner.

This look is your go-to when heading out to a party. It can be dressed up or it can be dressed down. Simple alterations to key areas like color of lipstick can change the look. If you want to be more dramatic, add lashes to make your eyes pop. If you want to dress it down, add one of the nude lip colors to tone down the drama. Wear with a  bandage dress, or with skinny jeans and a nice top. Add a statement necklace and heels for flare, whether you’re dressed up or down.

2015 Fall Haircolor: Summer to Fall Hair

Balayage was your best friend for summer, natural dimension that appeared to have been a gift from the sun gods! Now that you won’t be spending too much time at the beach are you feeling too blonde for autumn?
Demi-permanents offer different shades and tones you can use on your existing color to either deepen, control or add more pigment.
– Deep Dark Brown with subtle amber hues
– Rich warm tones painted into the hair (gold, caramel, mahogany)
– Butterscotch-Wheat blonde – the alternative of the arctic platinum
– Metallic Reds – traditional red with bronze

The team at Aurelio Salon have created some wonderful fall looks!
Faded copper to Merlot: Susanna had a natural level of 6N new growth. Previously, Alicia, her stylist, had glazed her with Colorance using 3 different formulas to create the idea of a color melt.  For this visit, she showed Alicia a picture of a vibrant red ombre and also a more violet red ombre. She mentioned that she wanted her hair to blend, and not just be brighter on the ends, but she also did not want super highlighted hair at the top. The goal was to subtly blend from her root color to her brightly colored ends.  For this reason, She painted some highlights into her hair her roots were colored with Colorance and were blended into her lightened pieces. After lightening and shampooing her hair, Alicia used TopChic on her lightened pieces. Then finished with a glaze of Colorance for that vibrant look!



Dana came in with a level 5 box dye, wanting a deeper root and lighter ends.  Starting out her stylist, Jen D., used Colorance lotion on her root dragging down and feathering into her ends. Using Oxycur to break through the box dye, feathering up. Feathering up will create a beautifully blended balayage. The lightener and Colorance got Dana to a level 8 evenly. Since she got her lighter than the target level she added a little depth with Colorance lotion as her glaze. After seeing the results, Dana’s hair left us at aw!



Grown out ombré to deep purple by Taylor.  Taylors client had come in with very long hair and a grown out ombré. She now wanted a deep violet. Since she had done well in school her mom decided to surprise her and let her get it done. It was recommended as maintenance for the vibrancy of the color to use the Elumen Wash, Treat, and Care at home and to come back between 4-6 weeks for a refresher glaze

TIP:  Have you been using a sea salt spray and/or waving/smoothing iron? Is your hair feeling dry or brittle?  Salt, sun and sand have been the main elements in our locks since June, now that fall is approaching it’s time to transition and heal our strands from the summer air. 
Try deep conditioning treatment that is geared for dry hair. Avoid any products that are primarily protein based (as this could cause your hair to feel more dried out). KMS Moist Repair Therapy Treatment will help restore luster, strengthen and moisturize after one use!

Aurelio Hair Salon Named in Top Salons

June-2015-Industry-Magazine-Cover-240x300Howell, NJ, June 2015 –Aurelio Salon was just named one of the Top Hair Salons by June Issue of Industry Magazine. Aurelio Hair Salon has two locations, one in Monmouth and one in Ocean County NJ.

Daisy Rosania, Senior Director of Aurelio Salon said, “Our team couldn’t be happier and are so honored to be included in this prestigious list of salons.” She continued, “We have served our clients for years to ensure that they receive quality service. Our staff is constantly looking to improve and grow”

Making this list comes off the heels of achieving Goldwell’s Titanium Status in April.   According to KAO Salon Division,(Goldwell’s Parent Company)  “Out of the over 20,000 national salon network that we sell to, AurelioSalon is honored with being 1 of 63 Titanium Salons Nationwide”

The salon has received outstanding reviews by real customers for its quality services. According to a satisfied list of the clientele, they are the Best Hair Salon in New Jersey that cares for its customers and provides them with outstanding services. The hair stylists pay a great deal of attention to an individual’s personality and very quickly come up with the best hairstyle that can suit her/him. They invest their time to suggest hair color choices and styles that are trendy, but can also enhance the look of a person naturally. Daisy states “it’s important to offer Women’s and Men’s haircuts that can naturally suit a person’s individuality and the hair type.”
Aurleio-Salon-Top-Salon-NJ-e1437329232703The conveniently located salons are open for walk ins, although a prior booking is always recommended. Customers can experience the positive atmosphere and ambiance in the salon for an excellent hair care. Aurelio Salon offers Hair Coloring, Color Corrections Highlights and Blowouts for transforming one’s looks naturally. They are cost-effective and they offer Color/Blowouts membership special. To know more about their complete range of services and to book an appointment, one may visit the websitehttps://aureliosalon.com.

About Aurelio Hair Salon:

Aurelio Hair Salon is New Jersey’s premiere hair salon for men and women. For 9 years, Aurelio Salon has been offering the highest quality services to its customers. Aurelio Salon is a Goldwell / KMS Titanium Salon. The salon has highly trained staff, offering the haircut and styling that one would be looking for. They always learn the latest techniques to insure highest quality and care. The staff is dedicated to providing customers with the most detailed, professional and lavish services.