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Kms and Aurelio Salon make Easy Summer Styles Braides

Easy Summer Styles

Summer hair can either go two ways: Incredibly awesome or incredibly awful. If you’re struggling to find ways to make your summer hair a breeze, check out these easy styles you can create to look sensational this summer!

If you aren’t a great braider, you’re going to want to learn. Try looking up some videos on YouTube, or even ask your stylist to help you learn! These styles only require braiding as your necessary skill. It doesn’t have to be perfect, just there.

Our first favorite style that’s been taking over the trends is the braided ponytail!

Summer Hair Aurelio Salon 10 (3)
This style is great to wear absolutely ANYWHERE! You can wear it at a lazy outing with your friends, or you can dress it up for a friend’s wedding. Not only is it a solid, cute option, but it does a great job of keeping your hair off of your neck with it being so hot and also keeps your hair from being sweaty on your neck. Your best bet is to use some HairPlay messing crème to braid your hair. Then smooth your ponytail with TameFrizz smoothing lotion. You should finish your style with anti-humidity seal to protect against humidity and to give the hair great shine and finish. We’ve even laid out visually where you should apply these products J  Here’s a great link we found to show some great options of the braided ponytail for this summer!!             http://therighthairstyles.com/braided-ponytails/4/

Another summer favorite is the double Dutch braid style. You’ve seen these style most likely from the Kardashian/Jenner girls. A great way to prep this style is to let your hair be fresh and clean. Let your hair air dry by 75% before applying any product into your hair. Once it’s reached the level of dampness, apply CurlUp Wave Foam to the hair. Do not use a lot of product as it can be heavy since it is loaded with moisture. Apply a dollop to the palm and allow the gel to foam. Once it foams, spread evenly between both hands and apply to hair from roots to ends. After evenly applying, begin to make your Dutch braids. You can choose to braid them all the way to the ends, or stop at the nape of your neck like the photo below. If you choose to leave hair out at the bottom, spray sea salt spray to give texture to the bottom hair. Finish with spraying FreeShape quick blow dry spray into the hair to ensure that your hair dries in a timely fashion.

Summer Hair Aurelio Salon 10 (2)


Our next style is the Boho Braid! This simple style is a carry-over from last year that we just can’t get enough of. You can do this on dry or wet hair but we recommend doing this on dry hair with the aid of some great products. Before you start your braid, spray some playable texture around the crown to create light-weight texture. Apply some messing crème to the mid-shaft of the hair down to the ends. For added shine and hydration, use TameFrizz de-frizz oil on the ends. After applying those product, begin your braid at the nape of the neck. Leave some pieces around your face for softness and texture. After finishing your braid, you’ll want to fan out the braid by taking pieces from the outside and pulling them out. Then work your way to the crown and pull on hair to give volume. You can add some fun flowers to make this look more fun or even formal!

Summer Hair Aurelio Salon 10 (3)


Aurelio Salon Summer Hair Tips!

Aurelio Salon Summer Hair Tips!

☀Summer Hair Tip☀

Summer is finally here! Everyone knows that the warmer weather entails swimming. Unfortunately, the oceans’ salt water and swimming pools’ harsh chemicals can cause damage to unprotected locks.

An effortless hair tip for summer:

– Fully saturate dry hair pre-swimming with a bottle of fresh, clean water 🌊


This is extremely effective because dry hair is porous and will soak the clean bottled water right up. This creates a protective barrier between the hair cuticle and harmful chemicals in swimming water. Remember to use this tip every time you swim for ultimate hair protection this summer. ☀

Aurelio Salon Summer Tips

Kms and Aurelio Salon make Easy Summer Styles Braides

How to use Kerasilk Premium products for a flawless blowout:

Kerasilk productsArielle naturally has coarse, tight curls that easily frizz when air dried. She desired a full, voluminous blowout without compromising smoothness. Kerasilk Repower products and Kersilk Control products were my immediate products of choice.

We started with Kerasilk Repower: Volume Blow-Dry Spray. Using Elastin, the Kerasilk Repower line strengthens hair while giving it body and heat protection.

Kerasilk Control: Smoothing Fluid was used next. Glyoxlic Acid reshapes and smooths unmanageable, frizzy strands. This Kerasilk Smoothing Fluid is the perfect choice for Arielles’ curls as it reduces waves, taming her overall hair structure.

The last product I used was Kerasilk Control: Rich Protective Oil. It provided the shine and control we desired while also providing humidity protection.

Additional Tip: Kerasilk premium products can be used on any type of hair but results are even more impressive when the hair has experienced a luxurious custom Kerasilk Treatment.

Top 5 Must Have KMS California Styling Products


The summer is approaching and I’m positive that everyone is pumped for the warm weather!! Unfortunately, with the heat comes some wacky weather. How are we to keep our hair looking fabulous all the time? Humidity, perspiration, rain, heat waves…the list goes on! Needless to say, the odds are not in our favor, but lucky for us we have tools to aid us on the days nature wants to bring us down. KMS has different product lines made for everyday styling, and we have a few favorites for summer!! Here are our top picks from Aurelio Salon stylists!


sea-salt-spray--150x150As soon as the question was asked to our stylists about their favorite summer hair product, not one stylist failed to mention Sea Salt Spray. It’s no shock as people want that “I just came from the beach” look. On the Jersey Shore, most are actually coming from the beach, and this product is the perfect tool to create the difference between tastefully styled messy waves and i-may-have-a-dreadlock waves. What we love about this product is that you can use it on any hair type! Curly girls can use it to give added texture and volume to their waves. Straight hair girls can use it for a little grit and volume in their silky hair. Short hair can create pieced, edgy styles and for people with wavy hair, it can go above and beyond. Sea Salt Spray also has versatility. You don’t only have to use it when you’re planning to air dry your hair. It can be used right before a blowout on fine hair! It gives added bulk and makes for great control over styling. Mix with Quick Blow Dry and your entire summer will be a success. ?



Speaking of Quick Blow Dry, I would like to introduce our second pick! Quick Blow Dry is the product necessary to EVERYONE, even husbands and boyfriends. WHY? Because you can cut down drying time by 50%!! For those with long hair, this is a glorious thing. Heat protection and conditioning agents concoct themselves together with a moisture separating technology to create soft, protected, and quick styling!  So in case you are still wondering why this is a valuable product for husbands and boyfriends…. LESS time spent getting ready! He no longer has to wait a half hour, but only 15 minutes. And that my friends is something to be excited for.


Rainy Day Curly Hair (1)#3 WAVE FOAM

Wave foam is a chosen favorite for summer for many reasons. Seasoned element 1 stylist Amanda McDonald shared some great tips on why this product is great for the summer and how you can use it in different ways.

“I like wave foam for the curly girls who don’t have time to blow out straight, especially during the summer. With summer comes humidity, and this makes blow drying an even harder task than usual. Wave foam can be applied on damp hair, and air dried for a natural texture, OR diffused for a fuller look.”

For me, that says it all folks. If you have curly hair, you need this product for summer. Not to mention all the conditioning agents made to soften and hydrate curly hair in the process. It makes our hearts stop. Perfecting lotion is a great pair with this product! You can use perfecting lotion as a lotion for your hair. There is NO FRIZZ when you use perfecting lotion and it hugs to your natural hair curls. It basically does what it’s named after- perfecting your curl.

Kms-AntiHumiditySeal-150x150#4 ANTI-HUMIDTY SEAL

If you’re going out by the water at night, or you have to look presentable on a rainy day, you need to protect your hair against all that moisture in the air! Anti-humidity seal is that protection for you. It’s a light mist that you halo around your hair. The soft scent makes you feel smooth while keeping your locks smooth! It has 24 hour protection against humidity, incredible shine, and a smooth soft touch! Even if you don’t have curly hair, you can transform sea salty waves with a boar bristle brush and anti-humidity seal! It smooths out your style and gets you night ready for your evening activities.


 kms-hairplay-dry-touch-up-150x150#5 DRY TOUCH-UP SPRAY

This spray is SOOOOOO important in the summer. I can’t stress it enough. You can use it with any hair product. A major issue that happens in the summer is the deprivation of oils on our ends. On the opposite end of the spectrum, our scalps can be quite oily. Because of that people tend to wash their hair more to remove the oil, but never consider the stress their ends are experiencing. The summer sun, hot tool exposure (curling wands, flat irons etc…), and natural radicals (wind, salt water) all put crazy amounts of stress on the ends. To keep your ends healthy, ALWAYS carry dry touch-up with you. You won’t regret it. It has a great scent, incredible shine, and instant detangling power. Your hair will thank you when you’ve made it through the summer without destroying your ends.

Now that you know what products are necessary for the summer, stop in either of our locations and prepare for a summer of great hair!!  Also, if you don’t already, give us a follow on Instagram! @aureliosalon and hashtag #kmsaureliosummer16 to show us your KMS California inspired summer styles!


Stop the Frizz!



When you get out of the shower, squeeze as much water out of your hair that you can! Let your hair air dry 5-10 min before blow drying, and do not leave it wrapped in a towel! This will only increase frizz.

Using Kerasilk Control can also help reduce Frizz.  If you want longer lasting frizz control try The Kerasilk Keratin Treatment Service provides long-lasting transformation into perfectly smooth and soft hair for up to 3–5 months. The secret: high-performing KeraShapeTechnology. Simply fabulous!  Call and make your appointment today.

Those Baby Blues!


Are you blue? According to Kevin Givens, international cosmetic director for TIGI Bed Head, blue eye shadow strikes fear in the hearts of lots of women, but it’s actually a cool look for summer. One of Kevin’s favorite strategies is to use a cobalt or navy liner for a modern, romantic approach. Another tip: if you do blue eyes, keep lips and cheeks soft and neutral. It’s the blue shadow/magenta lipstick combo that pushes a face into the Barbie zone!

Salon Tips for the Day!

bad-hair-day-300x205Minimize bad hair days:

  1. Get an expert haircut from a Professional Stylist,
  2. Use Profession Hair Color, NO BOX (see our Blog on Box vs Professional)
  3. Maintain the quality of your hair!  Whenever you are using chemicals or heating tools excessively; curling irons, blow-dryer or flat irons. you can damage your hair. Know how to counteract the effects.
  4. Have your professional give you a lesson on how to use the right tools.


Sexy hair needs to be touchable. Too much hair spray, gel or mousse wont allow someone to run their fingers through your hair. That tip is for the guys too.

Tip of the Day: Frame fair skin by filling in eyebrows. Depending on how dark or light your hair is, you’ll want to match your brows one shade darker the your hair.

Health Tip: Cut the butter and margarine from your diet, use apple, pumpkin, or other fruit butters on bread instead.


Top 12 Reasons To Use Professional Hair Color -vs- Store Bought Color

Beware of the Kitchen Beautician !!!

3324_79019118235_2626312_nHaving your hair done in someones den, kitchen or basement is very risky. There is no Board of Health regulation, no insurance, no mandatory licensing, and no one to complain to when a bad hair experience takes place. Often, bootleg or counterfeit products are used or non professional product! See our 12 reason to use Professional Hair Color. The biggest trap is the person providing the service isn’t as up to date as they should be. Sometimes its cheaper, but is it worth the risk? Believe me, there are other professionals that can do your hair just as well if not better, in a professional environment.

Top 12 Reasons To Use Professional Hair Color -vs- Store Bought Color


It’s your Hair Wear it with Confidence!

KMS-aureliosalonWhether you wear your hair long, medium or short, wavy, curly or straight, red, blonde or brunette; its all good. To be in step with fashion its all in your attitude. Have fun and remember what mom says; walk straight, and wear the look with confidence.

Sexy hair comes in all types and colors, just like people. First and foremost; sex appeal is an attitude. Your hair and makeup should be an extension of who you, you are not an extension of them. With that in mind you need to find a Professional that will compliment your hair and advise you on your look and how to achieve it.

At Aurelio Salon we strive to make our stylists signature quiet, and have clients presence do all the talking. Amongst some professionals, its all about their work and not enough about you. Find the right Pro!!! Once you’ve had a consultation and have decided to go for the new look; trust your decision and the stylist doing the work. Don’t look at the hair that falls to the floor; rather, look at whats left and how exciting the new you is. Change is scary but Good!

Tips for Brunettes: If you are planning on going out for the night, smoky eye makeup can be a great choice. Blend three shades of the same color, ranging from darkest (closest to the eyelashes) to lightest (closest to the skin below the eyebrows).

Tips for Blonds: Concealer is much dense than foundation so it covers blemishes much more effectively.

Tips for Redheads: Gentle handling of the hair after shampooing is important in maintaining healthy hair. After washing you need to blot the hair, don’t rub the hair dry.