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How to use KMS Hair Play Sea Salt Spray!

KMS Hair Play Sea Salt Spray!

The transformative ingredient in the Sea Salt Spray is genuine Dead Sea salt, which contains over 21 minerals that help to repair and protect every strand of hair. The matte finish this spray gives allows every style you create to look natural and lived-in, while the light hold lets your hair move freely in the summer breeze!

This styling spray gives you the versatility to create textured, just out-of-the-ocean looks or smooth blow-dry styling with lots of fullness!

For a beachy, waved look , start with towel dried hair and apply the spray from roots to ends of each section. Once your product has been applied, comb through your hair with a wide-tooth comb to evenly distribute the product and get rid of any tangles. You can either dry your hair by diffusing with a blow dryer or simply allowing the wind and sun to dry your hair for you! Finish this look off with KMS Dry Wax to add more hold and KMS De-Frizz oil to control any frizz.

For a more styled, sophisticated look, again start with towel dried hair and apply the spray from roots to ends of each section. KMS Shaping Blow Dry Spray can also be added to provide heat protection and deliver a stronger hold for your style. Blow dry your hair using a round brush to give volume and smoothness to your look. Finish your blowout with KMS Working Hair Spray to provide humidity resistance and a light hold and KMS Playable Texture spray to add even more texture throughout your look!

The KMS Hair Play Sea Salt Spray and the rest of the KMS line can be found at both Aurelio Salon Locations. Unsure about what styling products are best for you? Schedule a complimentary Style Equation during a blow dry service with any of our talented stylists to learn how to style your hair at home and much more!

What is the best hairstyle for your face shape!

What is the best hairstyle for your face shape!

A famous person once said, “A woman who cuts her hair is about to change her life.” I don’t know about you but I trust Coco Chanel. Flicking thorough a magazine will provide you with lots of inspiration but how can you tell what will suit you and more importantly how can you maintain your gorgeous new look.

Hairstylist are not given enough credit when it comes to the art of cutting and there is definitely a lot a maths and science that goes into it. Using your face shape as a guide your stylist can transform your whole look in under an hour. You can create many illusions and highlight your best features by finding what works best for you.

The best way to figure out your face shape is to use a mirror and a marker or anything you can wipe away easily. Tie all your hair back and stand facing the mirror. Then draw the outline of your face as best you can. The shape should fit into one of the categories below.

Oval – You can do it all! Almost any style will suit you so don’t be afraid to be a little daring.

Round- Do – Keep it long and layered, this will balance out and make your face appear longer   Avoid – harsh lines especially above the chin, if you want a fringe keep it side swept.    Ask for volumizing products that help give your hair shape

Heart – You can go short or long, a cute pixie or a full head of curls but balance is key.    Avoid – hair that stops by your chin or short layers that will widen the top of your head.  Clays and waxes are perfect for sculpting short styles

Square – A strong jawline makes you model material and long flowing locks are the perfect style. Color techniques such as ombre really work to accentuate your features.

At Aurelio Salon & Spa, all of our staff a fully trained and will give a complete consultation so that you leave feeling pampered and looking amazing.

The Benefits of Using Goldwell Colorance

The Benefits of Using Goldwell Colorance

We are constantly on the lookout for certain hair care products that will make our customers’ locks look and feel fantastic. But, being sticklers for quality, it’s usually quite rare that we find a range of hair care products that we actually love! That’s why Goldwell’s collection of hair colors features so heavily in our offering – we adore the products, know exactly how to achieve the premium results, and our clients are always delighted with their beautiful new hair color.

Goldwell’s range is split into four main hair care product types: permanent color, semi-permanent color, lightener and color systems. Within each category, Goldwell has further developed unique formulas that focus on improving the performance of the colorant by enhancing the condition of the hair. Whether you are looking for a gorgeous, natural tone or a wild new shade, Goldwell’s extensive product offering will help you achieve and maintain the style you want. Read on to find a quick view on effectiveness and benefits of Goldwell Colorance products.

Repair hair damage

Have you spent a little more time in the chlorine water or sun this summer? A gloss will help repair any damage you have due to intense summer heat or excessive chlorine exposure. Daisy recommends getting a gloss. “It really helps to repair your hair so that your hair will feel much better,” she said. The gloss will deep condition and return texture of your strands for ultimate smoothness, silkiness, and maximum brightness.

Free of ammonia

The gloss is not as harsh or permanent as other regular hair colors. “It is very acidic and closes the strands and the cuticle real tight. The result is a very shiny and smooth surface texture that will reflect more light and add much softer feel to it,” says Daisy. On the other hand, standard hair color contains ammonia, which first opens up the hair and cuticles and then deposits color into it, therefore increasing the chance of hair damage.

Provide intense conditioning

A gloss provides intense conditioning and translucent color. It will work with the variation of natural hair tone, allowing for a more subdued shade. “If you have gray hair and you put on a gloss, it will have a very tonal effect instead of being one solid opaque color. It also automatically makes your hair super smooth and shiny.”It can even reduce a little frizz, and in general, your hair feels like you have a conditioning and color treatment done at once, says Daisy.Reduce the highlights

Goldwell Colorance products can help reduce the highlights. Daisy recommends getting a gloss therapy right after coloring to tone down the color. After every color treatment in my salon, I finish the treatment with a gloss to lock the color and to make sure that the tone is the exact shade that my guests demands.

Lowers the hair pH

You do not have to change your natural hair color to get the benefits of a glow. The clear gloss is essentially a powerhouse of a conditioning therapy for your hairs. All you would be doing is lowering the pH level of your hair that imparts extreme conditioning properties. Daisy says there is no better clear gloss treatment like Goldwell Colorance.

Everyone can use it

It’s totally in for fall. According to Daisy, this season’s hair trends will be “all about really rich jewel tones.” Her advice: If you are a brunette, go for an espresso brown or rich honey. If you are a redhead, try a deep auburn or copper. And if you are a blonde, opt for a golden tone.

Congratulation on our stylists attending Goldwell’s Master Stylist program!

Congratulations to our Salon Director Daisy and Master Stylist Natalie Ann for completing the second part, of Goldwell’s Master Stylist program! The Master Stylist program consists of a series of classes focusing exclusively on cutting and styling. The comprehensive, four-part series is taught at the Goldwell Academy in New York or Santa Monica.

“Goldwell’s Master Colorist program has been a one of the most sought-after educational experiences for stylists all over the US for the past several years,” said Creator and Global Creative Ambassador for Cutting, Jay Mahmood. “Now, we’ve created a comprehensive journey for cutting and styling that offers the same level of technical skill and style vision our stylists have come to expect from Goldwell classes. Too many stylists spend their careers cutting hair without a full understanding of what they are doing, or they simply fall into a routine of doing the same two to three haircuts over and over. With this course, we will provide stylists with the technical skills they need to create an incredible range of looks.”

This past year, both Daisy and Natalie Ann have completed the first part of the program, Essential Shapes and well as completing the first phase of The Maser Colorist program! This past weekend, they have completed the Contemporary Shapes program, which introduced them to modern color placements and haircuts perfect for the salon!

Daisy is the Salon Director and a Master Stylist at Aurelio Salon of Howell with over 20+ years of experience in the industry. She is certified in DevaCurl , Perfectress and Cinderella.  Aurelio Salon has been awarded Goldwells Titanium Award for the past 3 years under her guidance and multiple recipient of the Pat Riley Award for Excellence.

Natalie Ann is a Master Stylist at Aurelio Salon of Howell and has been in the hair industry for over 17 years. She is certified in DevaCurl, Perfectress extensions as well. In 2014, Natalie was asked to join Goldwell as an educator and has traveled throughout the country educating salons and stylists. She dedicates her time attending classes at the Goldwell Academy in New York City and is focused on elevating her technical skills to become a true master in her craft!

Online Booking Now Available!

Aurelio Salon now offers online booking for our Guest!

Aurelio Salon, Monmouth and Ocean Counties Top Salon is pleased to offer online booking for several services. You may now book you haircut, color services and more from the comfort of your own home or when you are out and about.  It’s easy to get started just follow the following directions.

New guests to the salon just click on the location your wish to visit below and follow the walk through.

Book an Appointment in Howell                                                Book an Appointment in Toms River

If you have been to the salons you already have an account and we need to activate it for online booking, just call or email the salon and they will give you your username and password.

Howell Guests can call 732-303-0052 or Email  HowellGuest@aureliosalon.com

Toms Rivers Guests can call 732-551-2930 or Email TomsRiverGuest@aureliosalon.com

Click the link location you wish to visit above and follow the walk through!

Save the Link to your Home Screen or Bookmark it for easy access next time!

Join us in celebrating our Stylists as they advance in their career!

Join us in congratulating Lauren, Arielle, and Jenna P on achieving the next level in there career!  All 3 of these amazing stylists have completed hours upon hours of education and met all the requirements at Aurelio Salon to move up to the next level of Stylists.   This past year has been an amazing year for them and their skills have developed and advanced as they have grown with the company.

As of August 1 Lauren will be a Element 2 Stylist, Arielle will be an Element 3 Stylist, and beginning September 1 Jenna P will be an Element 4!

At Aurelio Salon we are  blessed to be able to work with these passionate, wonderful, and talented people.


Makeup Event of the Year!

Join us August 11,2016 in our Toms River Location from 12-4 for our Beauty Addicts Makeup Event!

Reserve your spot for $25, receive an makeup lesson and makeup Application and $25 in products!

Call 732-551-2930 Today to Reserve your Spot!


Kerasilk a Luxury Event!

On June 15, 2016 we were able to host our very first Kerasilk event! If you’ve been to our Style Equation events, you know that we know how to throw a great hair party. Unlike Style equation, our Kerasilk event hosted a relaxing evening with wine, finger foods, and spa music. Each of our guests received a luxury hair experience utilizing our new Kerasilk luxury line dedicated to other needs besides frizz control. Our new treatments consisted of reconstruct (for breakage), repower (for volume) and color protect (for color revitalization).  Following the application of the treatments, our guests received an Aurelio Salon shampoo experience with a relaxing scalp massage. The night was a beautiful night with 50 of our beloved guests. Make sure you to follow us on social media and sign up for our e-mails so you can attend our next event!

Kerasilk event (6) Kerasilk event (5) Kerasilk event (4) Kerasilk event (3)

Kerasilk event (2)  Kerasilk event (1)

Kerasilk Products that are a MUST for summer!

Check out our Color Zoom entries!

Every year Goldwell hosts a worldwide competition. Participants encompass different areas in the world, and pull creativity from other cultures. It is a wonderful way for hairdressers from around the world to connect and inspire each other! Another benefit of this competition is the worldwide recognition you receive. Upon receiving an award, Goldwell rewards each of their winners. It is a dream for all hairstylists, and here at Aurelio Salon, we were lucky enough to have two entries within our salon! Not only did they attend a hands on class with last year’s winner Derek Zenu, but they also received professional make-up, photography, and wardrobe direction from Goldwell’s finest. Did I also mention the winner gets to come up with the theme for the following year?? Sounds like an incredible experience!

Our two participants were Natalie Vasquez, and Arielle Calamari. Their theme to follow for this year is disrupt which focuses a consistent flow of harmony with a break of disharmony. For example, a precision cut with a textured fringe, or a soft natural color with a splash of indigo blue.

We want to celebrate our entries as they may not have made it to the big leagues, but now they have the experience of a winner, and professional work to prove their worthiness of future success in the competition! Located below are our entries from Natalie Vasquez, and Arielle Calamari!

natann arielle


Changing your hair color… Things you need to know!

Kerasilk Products that are a MUST for summer!

Kerasilk Products that are a MUST for summer!

photo1      photo     photo2

  • Color Cleansing Conditioner

o   Why?

o   This product is sulfate-free, rejuvenates hair color vibrancy and gives longevity to the colored hair.

  • Color Dry Shampoo

o   Why?

o   Most people find that a lot of dry shampoos leave their hair feeling tacky or gritty. This product is weightless, leaving the hair feeling fresh with natural shine and gives longevity to the colored hair.

  • Control Rich Protective Oil ( for coarse hair )
  • Control Smoothing Fluid ( for fine hair )

o   Why?

o   Both products control hair from roots to ends and provide both humidity and heat protection.

  • Repower Volume Pumping Cream

o   Why?

o   This product repowers and gives the hair a soft hold, and heat protection.