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Cancellation Policy: We at Aurelio Salon understand that sometimes schedules change and therefore request at least 48 hours notice when cancelling or rescheduling your appointment. A credit card will be required to hold for your appointment. Appointments cancelled within 24 hours or after and clients which are a “No-Show” will incur a charge of 50% of the service amount. A deposit is required for any services.

All New Guest require a consultation prior of day of service

We can’t wait to see you and please do not hesitate to reach out with any further questions or clarification.

PURE PIGMENTS is now at Aurelio Salon!

INTRODUCING 6 HIGH-DEFINITION DIRECT DYE ADDITIVES @PURE PIGMENTS: 4 Vivid Tones: Pure Red, Pure Orange, Pure Yellow, Pure Violet 2 Counteracting Tones: Matte Green, Pearl Blue

In addition to amazing color, customizing your hair color formulas with @Pure Pigments:

Creates radiating results with 63% more shine than regular hair color

Boosts your shades by up to 3X the color intensity

Keeps the color you love longer with 2x more resistance to fading



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Speeds drying time up to 50%

Reduces friction when blow drying with light conditioning

Great for all hair types

October is Breast Cancer Awareness.


Ask your stylist for a temporary streak of pink hair to show your support for  Breast Cancer Awareness on us!

Spray-on Temporary Color with KMS


Spray-on Temporary Color with KMS that’s waterproof and pillow-friendly, with an unseen versatility in usage.

FLEXIBLE ON/OFF SPRAY-ON COLOR: Intuitive & easy to use, Broad variety of contemporary & moderate style tones,    Accentuate & enhance your style, Guarantees even results on both darker and lighter hair tones and Washes off easily with shampoo only

Rusty Copper

Brushed Gold

Frosted Brown

Raw Caramel

Dusky Blonde

Vintage Blush

Iced Concrete

Smokey Lilac

Stone Wash Denim

The Chemicals Lurking in your Hair Care Products are Scarier than you Think

The Chemicals Lurking in your Hair Care Products are Scarier than you Think

By Ali Eckerle

If chemicals lurking in your hair care are a concern,  Deva Curl may be the answer for you.  According to an article from The Telegraph, the average woman uses 16 beauty products every single day. But have you ever read the ingredients on the bottle of your favorite shampoo? Most of the ingredients are difficult to pronounce, but some of the ingredients are actually outright dangerous. Thankfully, brands today are more conscious than ever when it comes to
the ingredients they use in their products.

Keep reading for three ingredients commonly found  in beauty products that you should definitely try to avoid.

1. Parabens
Parabens are used as a preservative in a wide range of beauty products. Many shampoos have them on their ingredients list, but they have estrogen mimicking properties that, in extreme cases, can lead to breast cancer.

2. Sodium Lauryl Sulfate
Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, also known as SLS, is known to irritate skin and eyes and can be found in many shampoos. But the scary part is that Sodium Lauryl Sulfate interacting with other chemicals can produce even more dangerous compounds that can lead to kidney and lung damage.

3. Formaldehyde
We all know that formaldehyde used to be used to preserve the frogs we dissected in high school biology class, but did you know it can also be in your shampoo?! It’s a known human carcinogen and can cause severe skin irritation. You don’t want to come into contact with this chemical in the classroom or in your shower.

Are you reading all the ingredients labels on your beauty products now? These ingredients are definitely scary, but thankfully more and more brands are becoming aware of the dangers of some of these frequently used chemicals. One of those brands is Deva Curl. Their products are formulated without parabens, sulfates and formaldehyde, so you can rest easy knowing that you’re nourishing your hair in a healthy way.  Plus, you can find Deva Curl products at Aurelio Salon, so be sure to ask Deva Curl stylists Daisy and Natalie Ann to help you find your new healthy hair regimen when you book your next appointment.  


Three Trendy Spring Hair Colors for Every Woman

Three Trendy Spring Hair Colors for Every Woman

By Ali Eckerle

Spring is always a season of change. We all know about the tradition of spring cleaning, but
with the incoming warm weather often comes a craving for a bright new look as well. Many
people ask for a few more highlights at their regular hair color appointment and consider the job
done. But if you’re looking for a real transformation, the Aurelio Salon stylists have a few
beautiful suggestions for you. Check out these three trendy but different hair colors.

Cream Soda

Similar to popular “honey bronde” hues of seasons past, cream soda is this spring’s take on
natural and sun kissed. Its mix of golden blonde highlights and soft brown lowlights makes this
look suitable for a wide array of skin tones and complexions. This look is perfect for the woman
who wants to look effortless, yet sophisticated. Plus, it’s less maintenance than lighter,
platinum-blonde looks. Cream soda is perfect for the natural blonde who wants a subtle change
or the brunette who wants to play with a blonde look.


Find your favorite sangria and get the perfect hair to match. As if we couldn’t love vino any
more, now wine is a huge hair color trend this spring. This hair color works especially well for
brunettes who don’t want the commitment and damage that can come from bleaching their
hair. Dark red, burgundy and purple hues can easily be layered over dark hair for a look that’s
vibrant yet soft. Try this color blended in with your natural hair balayage style, or take the
plunge and color all your locks in this beautiful shade.


Copper is a huge trend in fashion, home design, and now hair color. And it’s easy to see why –
it’s daring and different while still very versatile. It’s a statement neutral that adds creative flare
to any personal style. Copper hair color focuses on multidimensional highlights and lowlights to
mimic the natural sheen of copper itself, so it works great with curly, wavy and layered hair
Do any of these Hair Colors and looks speak to your style? Book your appointment with an Aurelio Salon stylist
today to create your new look this spring! To see more creations by our stylists follow us on IG @aureliosalon.

2nd Annual Grab Bag Equation Event 6-9 pm 11/29/17

On 11/29 from 6-9 we will be holding our 2nd annual Grab Bag Equation Event at our Howell Location! Reserve your spot now (even if you can’t make it that night You can still buy a bag and win! Check out the new winter trends in hair and makeup, enjoy fiends, appetizers, drinks and get a grab bag prize! You will receive your pick of $45 in products, free product, entrance into our raffle! Call the salons now at 732-303-0052 to reserve your bag before they are all gone!


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