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To a bride, finding a flawless hairstyle for their fairytale day

Flawless Hairstyle For a Brides Fairy Tale Day – Aurelio Salon in New Jersey

To a bride, finding a flawless hairstyle for their fairy tale day can be a headache. Some tend to imagine that a dramatic change is necessary in order for them to achieve the perfect look. Tying the knot comes with planning that can take a significant amount of time, but with the right steps and preparation (maybe some Advil) your hair will be flawless.

  1. Create a relationship. To begin, you want to build a hair relationship with your stylist. Be sure to make regular appointments in order for them to get to know your hair. Over time they will learn your personal style/personality, hair type, and face shape – all of which will contribute to your wedding day hair.
  2. Always, always, always do a practice run. It is an additional cost, but it is money well spent. This allows you to see what your hair will look like the day of and if there is anything that needs to be adjusted. Bring in pictures of looks you do like, but also bring in pictures of styles you do not like. By doing so, this will help you and your stylist communicate. Take pictures of the finished product and wear the style for the day if possible to see how it holds up.
  3. Give yourself plenty of time!  Give yourself plenty of time! Give yourself plenty of time!
  4. Be Yourself. Make sure you feel like yourself on your wedding day. If you stray from what you’re comfortable with, trust me, most likely you will be uncomfortable in your own skin. If you are known for having short hair – keep it! Bridal hair doesn’t always have to mean long hair.
  5. SPEAK UP! If you are unhappy with the direction of the style or pins are pulling to tight where they have been placed, let your stylist know. They are there to help you and it is much easier to adjust the style while working – changing things around once finished is not so easy.
  6. Once you make a choice don’t change it, most of the time it does not work out.   Many times a bride will do a trial run and love it! On the day of the wedding they come in, they have a totally different look they want. The stylist creates the new look and the bride does not like it , now they are stressing because of time.  In the end it is the style they had during the trial that the bride ends up with.
  7. Think of the weather. Keep the time of year in mind. If it’s a hot time of year go with an updo. Very few people love the combination of humidity and hair.

Being beautified on your big day should be relaxing for you and keeping these tips in mind will help you know that you will love the results of your hair.

Jessica R, a senior stylist at Aurelio Salon in Howell, has been creating outstanding hairstyles for the last 6 years.   After a lot of hard work and many lovely brides, her work was featured in Contemporary Brides. With her experience of being behind the chair, she has learned a few key points to achieve great bridal hair.  If you are a Bride searching for a Hairstylist come in and ask for Jessica.

Bride Magazine Features Jessica’s Bride

Congratulation to Jessica R, the hairstyle she created on Lindsey, and Lindsey’s wedding is featured in this Spring/Summer edition of Contemporary Bride. Jessica, a senior stylist at Aurelio Salon in Howell, has been creating outstanding hairstyles for the last 6 years.  She specializes in up-do’s for Brides and Proms. With several years of being behind the chair, she has learned a few key points to achieve great bridal hair (click here to read them).  Contemporary Bride Magazine is a local wedding resource full of ideas and inspiration for today’s brides planning a New York or a New Jersey wedding.





Aurelio Salon makes Top 100 Salons According to BE magazine!

In Issue BE-42 Aurelio Salon of Howell ranked with in the 100 salons out of the 1000’s of salon out there.  BE Beauty Entertainment, The Salon People Magazine, offers its readers an insider’s look at beauty, entertainment and salon people. BE! publishes editorials on rising stars, top Beauty makers, personalities, events and pop culture happenings in the world of beauty entertainment. Inside every issue there are hot tips and trends from local and national beauty experts, featured stars and celebrities.  Look for the hottest salons in America with BE!’s HOT 100 Salons and Artists Rankings, which appear in every issue.




Hair Product recomendation for today: Hair Stay Anti-Humidity Spray

Rainy days like today can cause you to have a bad hair day.  Nobody wants a that. So Aurelio Salon’s Artistic team recommends Hair Stay Anti-Humidity Spray.


Hair Stay Anti-Humidity Seal, By KMS CALIFORNIA, give you a 24-hour humidity blocking formula that shields your hair from frizz while providing a shiny, weightless finish. Hydrophbic Silicones (create moisture barrier) while the Pomegranate pepper provides supporting hold and protecting against environmental damage. On a scale of 0-5 you will have an outstanding shine to your hair of 4! Bonus: Provides heat protection for you hair.

The best was to use this product is to finish your hair as you want it, spray Hair Stay Anti-Humidity Spray about 1 foot away from your hair to seal in your finished look and give you protection against humidity and the environment.

Don’t have the Product? Just stop either our Howell Salon or Toms River Salon to pick yours up.

Toasty Chestnut Ombré

Toasty Chestnut Ombre – Aurelio Salon and Spa in New Jersey

The Team of  Aurelio Salon in Toms River NJ created a Toasty Chestnut Ombré on their client.



Client began at a Natural Level 4 and was interested in doing a subtle change to brighten her up. The stylist, Emily, used Goldwell Colorance color achieve this look.



Emily started Ombré application began with sectioning her hair into four(4) quadrants. Beginning in the back she took a  1” diagonal partings, teasing the sections at root (the more tease the lower the ombré will start- this will provide a guide as to where placement will fall, teasing will also melt the ombré to eliminate harsh lines).  Using a board, foil under the section. On areas that are not teased paint your first color . Starting heavily on the bottom, feather up towards the tease, repeat for an additional section. On the 3rd section leave out a one-inch slice, proceed to take down the next section and repeat leaving out every 3rd section.

Now moving towards the front quadrants, begin using your second color in the technique and let process. when processing is complete, rinse, shampoo, & towel-dry.  Then applie a Glaze, starting at ombré’d pieces then distribute through-out. Allow to process and rinse lightly, emulsify glaze into rest of hair – then rinse completely.

Thank you to all who attended our Keep Calm & Pamper Mom Event.

Keep Calm and Pamper Mom Event Thank You – Aurelio Salon in NJ

Aurelio Salon of Howell and Toms River would like to thank all the guest that attended our Keep Calm Pamper Mom event that was held at both our salons.  The event ran throughout the day at both salons.  Guests were greeted and offered treats (cupcakes donated by Creative Catering by Natalie) and beverages (Aurelio Signature beverage that was made by Kristina!).

Stylists greeted guest as they started their experience and explained a quick run through of what they were being treated to that day, and what a day it was.  Our guests enjoyed a Lather Lounge Experience, Our shampoo 10 min experience that must be experienced, accompanied by a hot towel and essential oils to their scalp while wearing our soothing eye masks.  As they finished up in the Lather Lounge they were treated to a paraffin hand treatment, (Paraffin wax has a long history of use dating as far back as the Roman Empire.  Paraffin hand treatments are used to lock in moisture. The wax is warm and soothing and your hands will be left feeling soft and supple.), accompanied by a hand and arm massage. The massage did not end there it continued as our guests enjoyed our Tension Tamer service (shoulder and neck massage).

Now that our guests were relaxed, they were Styled! First a blowout customized to their hair. The blowout was accompanied by our Effortless Makeup service, guests had the choice of makeup applications to their eyes, lips, or face with our Beauty Addicts makeup line, to finish off the day.

After they were styled, photos in front of our step-and-repeat were taken. Please check out our facebook page to see the pictures.  https://www.facebook.com/AurelioSalon  our fan page for Howell is https://www.facebook.com/pages/Aurelio-Hair-Salon-and-Spa-of-Howell/73305633235?ref=hl and our fan page for Toms River is  https://www.facebook.com/ASTomsRiver?ref=hl

As guest check out they were able to choose $20 worth of products to take home with them and each guest received a flower for Mother’s Day.  Again thank you for joining us and celebrating this year’s Mother’s Day!

Goldwell color creates a darker violet on top to a brighter more vibrant violet on the ends!

Aurelio Salon Unique Goldwell KMS Formula in Howell and Toms River NJ

Our Stylists at Aurelio Salon in Toms River NJ created a brighter vibrant violet on our client Korina.  When Korina came to the salon she was a natural level 6, with color on her ends.  Korina wanted an ombre.   After consulting with her they opted to go with a darker violet on top to a brighter more vibrant violet on the ends. To achieve this outstanding color our stylist had to not only make adjustments for the differences in color in the hair but had to create a unique formula for Korina used Goldwell Color.  If you would like to have this look please stop in and ask our stylists!



First we had to address the ends by using Goldwell Oxycur Platin Lightening Powder on the ends then applied a glazed using a mixture of Colorance color to create an even canvas for Elumen.  Colorance is a demi-permanent hair color that not only protects the hair, but even repairs the hair structure. The healthier the hair, the more beautiful and shining the color result. We then conditioned the hair with Rich Repair 60 second treatment. Using Elumen, randomly placed and painted it on throughout the ends for dimension in the hair and applied Elumen from roots to midshaft. Because of condition of the hair Elumen lock and treat was applied at the sink to seal in the color.

Congratulations to our team on winning our local Color Zoom Contest!

Local Color Zoom Contest Winner  – Aurelio Salon and Spa in NJ

One of our team members Tim from Aurelio Salon in NJ won a local Color Zoom contest. Tim’s is a stylist in our Howell and Toms River Locations.  Tim took an ordinary blond and created an eye catching beautiful unique mix of Goldwell color.  If you like this color stop in and ask for Tim.



When the client came in her hair had existing shades of 7N on her re-growth and 9G from midshafts to ends. To get the color needed Tim called on his skill and knowledge of hair color to create a combination of steps and unique formulation. Step 1 he need to address the regrowth so on the re-growth he used Goldwell Oxycur Platin Lightening Powder.  Step 2 from the Apex to mid-brow & temples adding Prisms while using the Micro slice technique with Goldwell Silk Lift High Performance Lightener. Step 3 He then used a Micro weave technique and apply Goldwell Elumen, the world’s first high performance, oxidant free hair color.  Tim placed almost forty foils through out the head.  Step 4 Apply Goldwell Colorance Glaze, non-ammonia hair color, guarantees outstanding shine and longer lasting color without damaging your hair.

Take the 2nd day hair challenge and Win A $50 Gift Card

Second Day Hair Challenge Gift Card – Aurelio Salon and Spa in NJ

Win 1 of 2 $50 gift card to Aurelio Salon!!! Take the 2nd day Hair challenge.  Upload a picture of your 2nd day hairstyle using these 3 products (KMS Makeover Spray, Dry Touch Up Spray and the new 2 in 1), and tag us in them.  If you are using instagram or twitter use @aureliosalon or post them on our Facebook wall.  The person with the most likes will win.  One winner will be picked for May and one winner will be picked for June. You can add  #aureliosalon2nddayhair and #aureliosalon to them as well.

Good Luck!

Are you missing any of the 3 KMS products? No Problem just stop by the salon and we will be glad to help you out. Our stylists can even do a walk through on how to apply and use them so you look great and have even a better chance of going home with the $50 gift card!


You may redeem the gift card at either our Toms River salon or our Howell salon. To win you must have a history of products purchased.

The Staff of Aurelio Salon Attends A Goldwell/KMS Event

Goldwell NYC Event – Highline Ballroom

May, 2014 (New York, NY) The Aurelio Salon staff had the pleasure of attending The Goldwell NYC event at the Highline Ballroom, last night. In attendance, sitting second row, was our salon director Daisy, managers Melissa and Ariel, Salon educators Natalie, Kristina and Nicoletta, and Stylists Tim, Jessica, and Emily along over 500 salon owners, hairstylists, distributors, and fashion gurus.

While the Highline Ballroom is well known, it did not impress. The seating was tight and the food a disappointment and it seemed that they did not have enough staff to service the needs of the guest.  Luckily the show more then made up the disappointment of the venue.  Patrick McIvor took the stage as MC, Introducing industry icons like Simon Miller representing KMS California, Nick Arrojo for Arrojo NYC and John Simpson for Goldwell.

As the models for Goldwell walk the catwalk we were wowed by the amazing cuts and color, platform artist John Simpsom enticed to attend the up-coming Color Zoom event in Berlin.  John walked us through some formulations and techniques that were used on the models and taught us how we can use some of the techniques in the salon. He then followed up by introducing the new Kerasilk Keratin Hair Smoothing Treatment, launched this year, and showing how it took unruly frizzy hair and makes it more manageable, softens curly hair and smooths frizz.

Next up was celebrity hairstylist Nick Arrojo and his team.  After a little info on all the models and the color used on them they did a hair cutting demo with Nick showing his classic razor cutting skills.  The presentations were ended after Simon Miller and KMS army took the stage demonstrating the amazing uses of KMS product along with a live performance.

The night ended with the an amazing final presentation as the models took the stage for one last time showing of some great Avante-garde hair.  After the show the models came off stage and were walking around providing photo-ops.  The staff was also able to mix and mingle with the guest artists and discuss tip and techniques that can be used in the salon.  Photo-ops were also taken advantage of as well with them.

Goldwell NYC 2014 Event
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